The Sorority Part 2 A novel

Abby Grimes is a member of the Delta Phi Delta sorority house. When she, and her fellow sisters, struggle to fight off a killer, she puts her life on the line once more.

The sequel to The Sorority.


1. Abby Grimes


The ​killer wasn't scared of Abby Grimes. She had escaped from his grips. Not many of the sorority girls wanted to think, (or dream), of death. He felt the night was young. He looked around for the Delta Phi Delta campus guards; he was watching them from Highway 21; he focused on the young people who were hitchhiking across America-and not thinking of whether or not they would be dead by the end of the late night in Louisiana. He held onto the sharp knife in his right hand, (the left one was also gloved), and sensed the heavy rain was pouring down into the swamps; the deadly alligators were busy chomping into fresh meat that the locals had fed them for dinner. The killer felt relaxed. He smoked a cigarette, as the darkness consumed him.


Abby Grimes ​was fourteen. She stared at the sorority house...and shivered. It wasn't her fault last year was short; it was something that to deal with the Louisiana killer's reign of terror. She remembered to blink as her cell phone rang; her mom was on the other end of the line. "Abby, it's mom. Are you sure you want to join the sorority this year?", she asked her. "Yes", Abby answered. She knew that her mother wanted to spend more time in Lawrence, Kansas on vacation for two weeks with her husband. Abby knew there was strains on their relationship. But, since they weren't telling their teenage daughter all of the pertinent facts of the state of their marriage, Abby put the news that they were getting divorced on the backburner. She drank some coffee to calm her shattered nerves; she sipped until she savoured the taste of the black coffee. Abby saw the new group of sorority sisters who looked anxious as all of them whispered about her. Abby didn't care. The dreams of survival hadn't bothered her. It was a notion of terror that caused her to shudder. She looked out of the glass windows. She saw a young woman in her thirties smiling at her. "Abby Grimes. Hello. I'm Sara Dennison. I'm the new house mother". Abby nodded. "I'm glad to meet you". She smiled at her. "There's been better security measures this year. We can't have the killer come back", Sara said. Abby didn't know if what she was saying was true. In her mind, she saw the killer's black gloves; she saw the knife in the sky...and coming downward...downward...downward...before it stopped. Abby screamed. Then, afterwards, she was taken to the Medical Ward where a middle-aged nurse smiled at her. "It's going to be alright, Abby. It's just the bad dreams. They'll go away once you take your medicine". Abby looked at her with disdain; she looked at the other girls who were having to relive their ordeals from other matters that didn't concern her. "I'm fine!", she uttered. And, as she sat down on her grey bed, she felt the needle in her right arm...and she fell asleep for the next three hours.


​Abby ​awoke. She wasn't sure of the time. It could be Midday... or three o'clock PM. She didn't know the time. She checked her watch. It was 2:33 PM. She gazed at the Grandfather clock which was in the middle of the spacious hallway; she imagined seeing doctors and nurses aiming their needles at her arms...and checking her blood for any kind of diseases. In her way, she hoped that Delta Phi Delta was going insane just like the killer was. She glanced at the glass windows. Other sorority girls were being inducted by Sara Dennison. Abby didn't cry...much; she cried when she knew that something bad had happened to her family...or to the other sorority girls. Maybe they had boyfriend issues; maybe their cell phones cracked in an accident; maybe...She didn't want to know about the so-called 'maybe's'; she hoped to think that the modern, 21st century hadn't reigned on her parade...yet. Abby yawned. She opened her eyes. Then, as she regained her lost senses, she walked out of the medical wards, and headed down the steps towards the large lounge room where she saw a girl watching a television show on high-definition cable TV. "Hi, I'm Maddie Carters". "Abby Grimes. I was sedated by the nurses because of the killer last year", she told her. "Oh, I heard about you. Don't worry. The police will catch him". Abby gasped at the news. Then she shook her head, as she watched the show about unsolved crimes in Louisiana.


​The ​killer was agitated. He wanted to think straight. He watched Sara Dennison talking to the new sorority sisters; he gathered his senses, as he gripped the knife in his right hand. He wasn't supposed to spend all evening at the sorority; he was going to kill once or twice, then leave the city. At least that was the plan. Death wasn't all that was on the table; death was on his mind. He wore a black coat. The weather was gloomy. He saw Abby Grimes talking to Maddie Carters in the lounge room. His heart beat faster and faster. Then, as he felt his heart slow down, he knew what he needed to do.

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