the witches, the wolves and the warlocks

On All Hallows Eve, a baby girl was born to the loving people of Jane and Marcus Herrero or known to everyone else, the Smiths Their Daughter Amelia lirio Herrero or other wise known as Amelia lily smith as talents that she has inherited from her great-grandparents, she's a witch. But one night with the moon fool, she meets a boy named Daniel Michelson, who turns out to be a wolf, a lot of crazy things can happen on a full moon, but a lot more crazy things happen around Amelia on her 16th birthday.

sorry about the terrible summery, please enjoy


1. ~

(16yrs ago)

"Marcus, it's time, the baby's coming" Jane says as she feels a sharp pain in her stomach and water running down her legs and onto the floor, Marcus lays her down onto the bed as her mother comes rushing in covered in soot, she cleaned herself with a swish of her hand then she starts to deliver the baby

~~~~ 1 hour later ~~~~

"push Jane, one more big push then she will be here" her mother says as she holds the baby's head, making sure that it didn't hit the floor

"AHHHHHHHHHH" Janes screams and the lights flicker as she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl who's cries stopped when she was handed to her mother, who kissed her on top of her head

"hello Amelia lirio Herrero, welcome home"



"Miss Smith, what is the answer for the square root of 64?" asks my teacher as I jolt my head up from the table, I see in her eyes that she thinks she has stumped me but I smirk and answer in a clear voice, looking straight into her eyes

"the answer is eight Mrs Angel, now I believe that it is the end of the day and also the week before Halloween, so can we go now?" I ask innocently as the whole class starts to laugh out loud at my response, I continue to look her straight in the eyes with a fire in my eyes making a scared look come up into her eyes, I smirk and stand up, I pack up my things and grab my bag then I walk out of the door as soon as the bell rings.

I'm walking down the hall when I crash into someone running in the other direction, I sit up on the floor and I start to gather the books that fell out of my bag when I see a hand holding the book I've been reading and my English book so I look up at the person's face and see that it's the new boy, Daniel I think it is, I stare into his eyes until I touch his hand and I gasp as I see something.

~~~ vision ~~~

I'm walking around the woods in just a white dress with a beautiful braided crown in my hair, I'm still walking around when I realise that it is Halloween, so I continue to walk until I hear a growl so I turn around and see a midnight black wolf growling and stalking towards me but when it see's me it stops at my feet

~~~ end ~~~

I pull my hand back but I grab his shirt and drag him into an empty class room, I push him against the teachers desk then I lean against a students desk

"do you want to tell me something Daniel, like what are you doing here in America, did you follow me? if mama and papa find out I'm---" I stop talking because he slams his lips onto mine and tries to kiss me but I push him back and then I slap him but then I pull him back and slam my lips onto his mouth then I back off and start to walk out of the class room but I feel a hand on my wrist then a voice in my ear,

"meet me in the woods behind the school when the full moon is up tomorrow night, there is something I want to show you" he says then walks out of the room, when I walk out I see nobody is looking at me coming out of the class room so I walk over to my locker and put my books in, I close my locker and walk out of the school

I see my mum's car so I walk over to it until I hear a grunt so I turn sideways and see that my boyfriend Josh Samuels has Daniel by the collar of his shirt so I drop everything and run over to him, I catch the last thing josh says before I get there

"if you go near her or kiss her again you'll be a dead man, got it?" he threatens Daniel but Daniel just laughs in his face

"she loved it because she kissed me again" he says and looks at me and smiles the smile that makes me weak at the knees, my knees almost buckle but I stop them as I grab Josh's arm and I try to pull it but he pushes me away and I fall to the ground and I scrape my hand, I look up at him then I look at Daniel who eye's have turn a really dark blue when he see's that I'm hurt so he busts out of Josh's grip and then punches him, knocking him to the ground, giving him a blood nose, he grabs his collar and speaks in the dangerous voice he used when someone tried to rape me

"you lay a hand on her again then you will lose that hand, got it?" josh nods quickly, Daniel helps me up then walks me to my mum's car, mum looks up and see's Daniel and gasps as Daniel helps me into the car then walks of after I say thank you in his ear

"how come he's back?" asks mum but I just shake my head and say that I don't know, we pull up in to the drive-way then we climb out of the car and walk into the house, I try to rush upstairs but mum stops me by saying the dad needs to know Daniel is back so I drop my bag next to the couch and sit down while I wait for dad to get home.

~~~ 10 minuets later ~~~

"Marcus, our daughter needs to speak with you, I'm just saying that I was there when I found out so go easy on her" mum says then walks into the lounge room where I'm sitting on the couch, dad and mum sits across from me so I start speaking

"okay, I didn't know until I bumped into him so please don't go off" I look directly at Dad so I continue to speak, "Daniel is back" I say, I see a fire in Dad's eyes but when he see's me holding my wrist he realises that Daniel didn't hurt me

"who hurt you? was it Josh?" I don't speak and Dad knows that means yes, he comes and sits next to me and wraps his arms around me and comforts me by telling me to stay away from Josh, I nod and then I kiss him on the cheek

"goodnight papa, goodnight, mama" I say then I go up stairs and I grab my Pj's and I climb into the shower, I stand In the shower after I put the shampoo in my hair when I get another vision

~~~ vision ~~~

I'm standing in my backyard when the wolf walks over to me with really dark blue eyes, I gasp as he licks my wrist and the pain disappears, I look into his eyes and I see something but I can't place it so he just climbs on the patio beside me and snuggles up to my side, I'm comfortable until I hear a voice but I just can't place it, 'it's me Mia, it's me'

~~~ end ~~~

I gasp as I come out of it and I turn off the shower and I change into my Pj's then I climb into my bed thinking about the voice and how I get the visions, but mostly my focus is on the voice, who is it? why are they in my head? who is the wolf?




hope you like my first chapter, I'm trying to create a fantasy story so please if you want to comment then please say nice things, thank you Bye!! 

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