the witches, the wolves and the warlocks

On All Hallows Eve, a baby girl was born to the loving people of Jane and Marcus Herrero or known to everyone else, the Smiths Their Daughter Amelia lirio Herrero or other wise known as Amelia lily smith as talents that she has inherited from her great-grandparents, she's a witch. But one night with the moon fool, she meets a boy named Daniel Michelson, who turns out to be a wolf, a lot of crazy things can happen on a full moon, but a lot more crazy things happen around Amelia on her 16th birthday.

sorry about the terrible summery, please enjoy


3. held captive

It feels like I've been here for years but I know its only been a few days, I don't know where Josh is but he left after he decided not to rape me but I know he'll be back soon, damn I'm so hungry, WAIT! I hear the door opening and I hear voices, it sounds like josh but I don't know who it is......

I stop thinking when the bag is pulled off my head and i see Josh looking at me, he keeps staring at me when his face starts to change but i don't flinch even tho he looks ugly as hell, i lift my chin up and i spit in his face but then he slaps me hard making my head fling to the side, i move my jaw to try and get rid of the pain but he just grabs my head then changes back to his old face when a man with a brief case walks through the door, he lays his eyes on me and grins wickedly and hands Josh the briefcase then comes to untie me but i bite his arm, he slaps me and i black out.

~~~ 5 hours later ~~~ i open my eyes and see that I'm lying on the bed in nothing but wrapped in the blanket, i grab the bucket that is next to the bed and i vomit when i realize what Josh did to me as i was unconscious but then i look around and i see that I'm in a different room then the last one then i realize that i was taken to a different house, i curl up on the bed an d i start to cry but then the door bangs open and the man that had the briefcase walks in.

"Hi my name is Hank and you now belong to me, you are to pleasure me in anyway and if you refuse then I'll kill you and send the pictures to your parents you got that?" he asks, i nod my head then i ask the question that has been bugging me

"Where are we?" he just looks at me as if I'm crazy, he grabs my tied up hands and pushes me forward and out the door, when the sun gets out of my face I see that I'm New York city and that I can't call my mum or dad, I really wish that I can call Daniel and tell him I'm okay, I know he's worrying about me

"welcome to you're new home" he's says and pushes me onto a bed in the basement, he cuts the ducked tape from my hands and then he closes the door on me, I sit up on the bed and hug my knee's to my chest and i start singing a song that pops into my head


Heart beats fast

colors and promises

how to be brave

how can I love when I'm afraid to fall

but watching you stand alone

all of my doubt, suddenly goes away somehow


one step closer


I have died everyday waiting for you

darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

time stands still

beauty in all she is

I will be brave

I will not let anything take away

what's standing in front o me.....

I stop singing when I hear footsteps out side my door then I hear two bangs, one hitting the floor and the door hitting the wall, when the dust clears the first thing I see is a shadow, I gasp when I see the shadows face








hope you like this chapter guys, sorry it took awhile to publish, please enjoy:)

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