the witches, the wolves and the warlocks

On All Hallows Eve, a baby girl was born to the loving people of Jane and Marcus Herrero or known to everyone else, the Smiths Their Daughter Amelia lirio Herrero or other wise known as Amelia lily smith as talents that she has inherited from her great-grandparents, she's a witch. But one night with the moon fool, she meets a boy named Daniel Michelson, who turns out to be a wolf, a lot of crazy things can happen on a full moon, but a lot more crazy things happen around Amelia on her 16th birthday.

sorry about the terrible summery, please enjoy


2. finding out

"Amelia, can you come down here please, there's something me and your farther need to tell you something" mama calls out from the lounge room so climb out of my bed and I walk downstairs in my Pj's, I sit on the couch when I get into the lounge room and I face my parents but I see their guilty faces so I just sit in silence until they start speaking

"Honey, we were going to tell you on your birthday but with Daniel coming back we thought we should tell you now" Mama stops talking then looks at Papa then continues, "Sweetheart, your a witch and your farther and I are a witch and a wizard, from a Spanish colony" I look at mama like she was crazy then she looked at a candle and it catches fire, I gasp when I see this, so I just tell them that I'm going to get ready for school, I walk up to my room and grab the outfit that I planned to wear today, a black dress with a denim jacket and black knee length boots.

I climb out of the shower and I get dressed, I blow dry my hair and then I curl it lightly, I unplug the curler then I put on my hat, I grab my bag then I walk out of the house and I start walking to school. Once I get to the interchange I hear a car pull up beside me so I look and see that it's Josh's truck, he opens the door then pulls me in, I look around at my surroundings but then a bag goes over my head and a piece of ducked tape goes over my mouth and I get hit over the head then I black out.

~~~ 1 hour later ~~~

"is she awake?" I hear a voice in front of me but I don't hear a response then I hear Josh talk again

"okay, undo her ropes then tie her to the bed, her parents will think she did this on purpose" I feel the rope from my hands loosen a bit but they don't go away, I get lifted up then I get placed on a lumpy mattress then the bag gets taken off my head but the ducked tape stays over my mouth as my eyes adjust to the light, I see that Josh has brought his mate Matthew, he looks at me guilty as he ties my wrists to the bed, he walks off then leaves the room and heads off to school, Josh walks into the room with a evil smirk on his face, he comes over to me then he sits down next to me, he slides his hand up my legs then he slips his hand under my dress towards my knickers...........






CILFFHANGER!! hope you guys enjoy this chapter. ;)

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