1. Prologue


Her laughter was sweet. It was the type you’d hear and think that you have to be friends with her. With a face full of smiles, how could anybody not? She had that effect on people. She could paint the sky red and call it night. Nobody would question the girl full of grace and intelligence.

Until he came along. With a much different mindset, he pushed and battered his way to the top, only to find that she remained, untouchable. Troubled by this, he constructed a plan to make her falter, to make her fail.

She of course saw right through his plan, but was utterly hurt that someone so close to her would ever betray her as he was doing. Sending her mind into a dark place, she became angry. Knowing she could defeat him, she gathered an army. Many jumped at the chance to help the most loved girl in the land. Soon, she had him outnumbered. She would win.

That is, until he disappeared. There was no longer any trace of him ever existing, making sure she could never find him. She then ordered her army to go after him and hunt him down, telling them not to stop until he was found, even if it took centuries.

Her people agreed, sending new searchers out yearly. Many considered stopping after her tragic death, but others were convinced he was still out there. No one could rest until he was found.

Their numbers diminished as people forgot about him. Generations went by without a single lead as to what happened to this traitor, until they got one. And it seemed that he was closer to them than they really thought.

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