Prince Charming

Everyone knows thew story of Cinderella. But what if the stepmother forced Cinderella (Sophie) to go to the ball? And what if only the Prince (Harry) fell in love that night? Will the Prince (Harry) convince her he's the one? And will the stepmother continue to rule over her?


1. Once Upon A Time....

Sophie's pov



   I sighed. Welcome to my wonderful life. Yeah right. I took one last look at my comfortable bed and stumbled down the flights of stairs (I was in the attic). I trudged to the kitchen. As I was making the tea for my stepsister Amelia, I reflected back to how I got into this situation in the first place. 

  My mother had died when I was very young, so I remember little about her, except for her blond hair and blue eyes that looked like mine. My father told me constantly how I reminded him of her after she died. After a while, he remarried to my stepmom, Sara, and my stepsisters, Amelia and Abby. I still remember the day...


   "Daddy? What are they doing here?' I asked as i tugged on his sleeve.

   " Honey, Daddy asked them to stay here with us. That way you can play with Amelia and Abby every day!" He explained.

   " But Daddy..." I started to say, but he didn't listen. I wish he would have listened. If only..

*Flashback ended*

He died  after two years, and left me with these-

   "WHERE'S MY TEA?!" Amelia screeched.

    Oh yeah. The tea. This was going to be a long day....

Harry's pov

" A ball..?" I muttered.

"A ball. We'll invite all those princesses, and you can choose one to marry."

"Marry? Me? No way. Are you crazy? I'm not that old!"

"Harold Edward Styles." My Dad, King Charles, only used my full name when he was dead serious. "When I was your age, I was already married."

"Dad. I can't just marry any woman. It's like waking up and saying, 'Oh, wouldn't it be great to marry?' And just marry the first princess that comes along."

"I'm not expecting you to. There are plenty of princesses out there. Surely you'll like one of them."

"But Dad.."

"No buts. You will marry one of them from the ball. It won't be terrible. And why not invite all your friends too? Just a massive celebration for you and your future wife!"

"Dad, some of my friends are commoners."

"So? Invite them."

"Commoners never go to balls."

"That can change."

"Well, whatever you say, Dad. " I thought for a second, and a brilliant idea popped into my head. " wouldn't be fair just to invite certain commoners. How about we invite all of them?"

"I don't know.."

"Come on, Dad! Please?"

"Only if you agree to choose a wife at the ball."

I looked him in the eye. He stared confidently back at me.

"Fine." I resented, knowing he wouldn't change his mind. I stormed out, only to see my best mates, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn.

None of them were looks me in the eye. "Did you listen in...?" I questioned.

Liam broke down immediately, being the nice guy he is. "It was Louis' idea!!" He sniffed.

"It was, really,"Zayn added, shrugging.

Niall slowly and shamefully nodded in agreement.

"Oh come on!" Louis shook his head. "You totally caved, Liam."

I shook my head, laughing at their behavior. "Com'n, We've got a ball to get ready for."





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