Prince Charming

Everyone knows thew story of Cinderella. But what if the stepmother forced Cinderella (Sophie) to go to the ball? And what if only the Prince (Harry) fell in love that night? Will the Prince (Harry) convince her he's the one? And will the stepmother continue to rule over her?


3. First glance

Sophie's pov

My stepmom rushed us to the carriage. As my last stepsister climbed in, I glanced around. Where was my place?

"Oh no!" My stepmom gasped in fake horror. "It seems there's no place for Sophie! I guess you'll have to walk." She grinned like a cat. "But if you aren't there," she muttered darkly, "you're dead."

I gulped. She wasn't kidding.

The horseman whipped the carriage into full speed, splattering me in mud. I listened as my stepmom's and stepsisters' howling laughter faded into the distance.

Right then, it started to rain. "Oh come on!" I yelled to the sky.

Dripping wet, I felt my eyes welling up. Then, for the first time in years, I let the tears roll down my face.

"Aww, dear, don't cry."

I whipped my head around. Standing there was a old woman, who was radiating light. She had a stick- mabye a wand?- in her hand, and her dress showed that she was rich.

"You'll get there safely, I'll make sure of it."

I gasped. "W-who are you?" I stuttered.

She actually had the nerve to laugh.

"Your fairy godmother. Who else?" she replied, still giggling.

"Look at that dress! And your makeup! Tsk tsk," She scolded. " Now let's have to fix that."

She waved her wand, and a shower of sparks rained over me, so I couldn't see. When i could, I gasped.

My dress was as good as new, no more splotches of mud. My hour, which was a matted mess before, was put into an elegant bun.

"Oh dear!" She exclaimed, " you're getting wet!" She quickly waved her wand again, but this time a carriage appeared, with milky white horses and an invisible driver. The carriage was better than the one my stepmom had left in! Elegant designed covered it's walls and seem to look like a royal carriage.

"Go on now," She said, practically pushing me into the carriage.

"Wait!" I called as she was shutting the door. 

She looked at me and sighed. She looked as if she was staring into my soul.

As she opened the door back up, she gripped my hands.

"Sophie," She breathed." I  know you don't know me. And I know you're scared. I get it. Just remember, your stepmom doesn't control everything you do. Only you can."

She let go of my hands and closed the door.

And just like that, we were off to the palace.


Harry's Pov

I watched as another girl was introduced. She bowed and joined the long line of ladies already introduced. Suddenly, Louis nudged me. "Look at those two," he said, snickering. I saw two girls that just arrived having a cat fight. I grinned. A woman, probably their mother, separated them just in time for their introduction.

"Amelia and Abby from the house of Grafton."

Zayn laughed. "Wonder how they'll do on the dance floor."

I chuckled.

The last girl was announced. Great. Now I had to pick one for the first dance...

I looked around. I didn't want to dance with any of these girls. I was about to open my mouth to pick one when-

The doors creaked open and their stood the loveliest girl I had ever seen. Her long brown hair was in a complicated bun, and her eyes glowed light blue. Her dress perfectly showed off her curves...

I licked my lips. I walked towards her and bowed. "May I..?"

I questioned, and she smiled up at me. "Of course."



hey, I thought I would give you guy a pic of what Sophie's wearing...comment if you like!

Sophie's hair



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