Prince Charming

Everyone knows thew story of Cinderella. But what if the stepmother forced Cinderella (Sophie) to go to the ball? And what if only the Prince (Harry) fell in love that night? Will the Prince (Harry) convince her he's the one? And will the stepmother continue to rule over her?


2. Announcement!!!

Sophie pov

(Two days before the ball)

I ran to my stepmom's room.

"Is there another thing you want me to do?" I asked, tried from the previous chores. It was almost dusk, and I hoped to go to sleep soon.

She smiled evilly, her eyes full of mischief.

"Read this." She commanded, thrusting a piece of a paper in my face.

I skimmed through.

Dear Citizens,

I, King Charles, am happy to announce a royal ball in honor of my son, Prince Harold. He wishes to choose a wife among the woman willing to attend. Every citizen in my kingdom is invited, and I wish from my deepest desires that you will come. It will be held at the palace on September 5, beginning at sunset

From your gracious ruler,

King Charles

I looked her in the eye.

" I need to know this why...?"

"Don't be sassy with me, girl!" She cried, striking me on the face. I held my stinging red cheek as she continued.

"I'm not blind. I can see behind all that filth and dirt you have something that resembles beauty. And I know that that Prince is a shallow fool. So you are going to that ball. It's simple. Either the Prince will fall for Amelia and Abby, who have great personalities and have striking beauty, or he'll fall for a shallow, not very pretty girl like you. You are going to that ball."

I stood there for a second, shocked.


"No buts. Now get Amelia and Abby, we only have two days to get your dresses made."

Harry pov

(Day of the ball)

I yawned. "Get up!!!" Niall yelled as he and Louis jumped on my bed.

"Okay, Okay, I'm up," I mumbled. "Where's Zayn and Liam?"

"Liam's getting Zayn up.You know how Zayn is."

I laughed.

"You can't get him up with out a bucket of water."

Louis smiled devilishly. "Do you know what day it is?"

I groaned as it hit me. "The ball."

"Do you know what the Tommo does at balls?"


"Embarrass his friends!"

Oh boy. I can't wait. Note the sarcasm.

Sophie pov

The next to days was a blur of beauty products and perfume. By the time I was done, every inch of my body was covered in makeup and foundation. The only one who looked pleased was my stepmom.

"Abby, Amelia, you look gorgeous!" She cooed.

She took one look at me and said,"You'll do."

Wow, encouraging.

I stood at the mirror. I gasped.

I had never looked so good in my life. My blue eyes shown because of my light blue dress, which cascaded from the hips down into a elegant skirt. My light golden hair was curled to perfection, half up, half down. Was this really me? Flawless, rich looking girl?

My step mom grabbed my arm harshly and tugged me downstairs. "Come on, we'll be late!"

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