The spell: For the reincarnation competition

Lain lost the love of his life in a crash but there is a chance he can get her back but will he pay the price


3. Weird and weirder

...Who is she?

When she says my name I wonder if she knows me but before I can ask her anything she interrupts my train of thought and says with a sweet but not really sweet smile and there was something that I can't describe in her eyes

"Come in my dear and I'll tell you everything,"

Then she goes inside her hut and I have to follow her if I want to know who she is so that's what I do I know I'm not suppose to but I do anyway what have I go to lose? I've already lost my love Rose then she explains

"I am Rosalie Seaworthy and yes I am Rose's grandmother or the crazy women of this town well that's what people say about me and my family is different from others we have something in our blood that can reincarnation us, well I want you to reincarnation Rose for me well for both of us, here take this! it says what you need and what you need to do, Go save her and bring her back to us!"

I take the book and go home and I sit it on my bedside table can this be really happening or is this a dream I go to bed and sleep it off because was that women really Rose's grandmother


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