Halloween Town Book One

When a drifter arrives at Halloween Town, he meets all kinds of witches, wizards, vampires, ghouls, and goblins there.


7. The Drifter walks down the stone steps at Midnight


The Drifter ​had been in Halloween Town for hours. Most of the teenagers were stopping trick r' treating; the rest of the teenagers were still out late thinking that The Midnight Hour, (as it was called), was full of dark magical spells done by the witches in a magic spell book. He imagined the ruckus they had caused tonight, October 31. He saw Celia walking past him. "Late night", he said. "Yes, it is". The Drifter nodded. Then, by 12:01 AM, November 1, 2016, Halloween ended with chanting that came from the dark woods. And, as the darkest night of the year ended, the Drifter walked out of the double doors, past the guards, and into the cold, bitter, night.

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