Halloween Town Book One

When a drifter arrives at Halloween Town, he meets all kinds of witches, wizards, vampires, ghouls, and goblins there.


5. The Drifter and the Warlock


The Drifter ​glanced at the tall bearded man who was walking along the stony path. "Happy Halloween", he said. "I'm a Warlock", he told him. The drifter nodded. "Not many people are have magical gifts". The Warlock, who wore a red robe, and was wearing blue shoes on his feet, shook his head. "By Midnight, all of the magic is consumed by The Dark Lords". He shook his head, as he gripped a crystal ball in his right hand. The Drifter took in what the wizard said. "Who are they?", he asked him. "Evil wizards who are bent on mischief during Halloween. It's in the Prophecy Book of Hidden Magic Stories", the warlock stated. The Drifter shuddered. "Is there a way to stop them?", he asked him. "No...and yes", the warlock answered cryptically. The Drifter had enough time to digest everything. "Then I'll wait until Midnight. Good night warlock. And Happy Halloween", he said. And he walked along the stone path towards the ancient cemetery where the dead dwelled.


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