Halloween Town Book One

When a drifter arrives at Halloween Town, he meets all kinds of witches, wizards, vampires, ghouls, and goblins there.


2. Halloween Pumpkins on State Road


Celia ​Sheppard stared at State Road. She was dressed in a red vampire's gown. She enjoyed being one of the undead; she was used to scaring people once a year during Halloween. And, on October 31, 2016, she was celebrating her thirteenth year on Earth. She glided down the stone steps that led to the wharfs where the fishermen, and fisherwomen, applied their trade to feed their families over the Halloween holiday across America; she was determined not to think that trick r' treating was a burden on her mom and dad. "Celia! Is that you?", Marie Jones, the seventy year old neighbour said. "Yes, Happy Halloween!", she said. The elderly woman grinned. "Can you cut up the pumpkins for me, dear with a knife? I have arthritis, and my hands are sore all of the time", she asked her. "Yes, of course". Celia, who wore blue shoes on her feet, opened the front door. Once she was inside, she stared at the small kitchen. She saw a brown board. Cynthia grabbed the knife in her right hand. When she cut out a nose, and mouth, out of them, she grabbed the pumpkins in her hands, and placed them on the ground. She opened the front door, and placed the pumpkins outside. "Marie, when everyone come here, I'll get the treats for the children". Marie nodded. She smiled at her. "How about some coffee, dear?". Celia nodded by way of an answer. She then checked her brown watch on her right hand, and headed back inside to have her drink.

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