Halloween Town Book One

When a drifter arrives at Halloween Town, he meets all kinds of witches, wizards, vampires, ghouls, and goblins there.


4. Halloween Pumpkins on State Road 2


​Celia ​smiled at Miss Jones. "Everything's fine". She placed the knife on the board. She opened the front door. Then she saw a lot of boys and girls trick r' treating; she smiled at them. "I have some pumpkins to show the locals", Marie said. Celia nodded. By eight o'clock PM, the darkness of the town caused Marie to shiver. "I'll get a coat, dear". Celia nodded. And, as she saw three girls dressed in black witches' dresses, arrived on at the house. "Trick r' treat!", they yelled. They saw Celia. "Happy Halloween, Celia", Marge Anson said. "Happy Halloween, Marge. Hello Tricia, Mabel". The other teenager smiled. They saw the orange pumpkins. "I'll light the 'eyes' with candles", Celia said. And, as she did so, the drifter saw them...and knew that tonight was going to be long.

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