Family Trees: book one

Antreas Gryffindoor gets in lots of trouble and has trust issues with everyone other than Albums Dumbledoor. She knows all the rules at Hogwarts but won't listen to them. She is more danger than harry is.


1. Slytherin

   I live in Hogwarts because my parents gave me to Dumbledoor. So yeah I know a lot about this place I have seen almost every room in Hogwarts. I don't even have to leave on order to get my school stuff. Professor Dumbledoor let's me mess with some things but the teachers are preparing for the next school year. So I can get in trouble or help. 

   I am walking down the stairs to the potions room where Professor Snape is preparing his class. As I walked in and saw how dark and gloomy with potions on all the shelves. "I see your still in potions and Professor Qurille is still defense against the dark arts" I said.

   "I see you didn't get any less annoying" said Snape. "Go bother somebody else." I looked at him one last time before leaving. I walked down the hall and enter the sorting room. 

   "Tomorrow I will be sorted here with other students" I said. I sat down next to Dumbledootomorrow. All the professor's walk in and sat down in their spots.

   "Okay now remember you have to stand down their tomorrow Antrbed" said Snape. After eating we all cleared out I went down to where Rowena Ravenclaws daughter to have some peace and quite. Also more exploring.

   "Antreas time for bed you have a big day tomorrow" said professor Dumbledoor. I ran up the stairs and went into a room. 


   In the morning I ran to the sorting room. I was just on time. "Now, once I call your name come up here and I will place the sorting hat on your head" said Professor McGonagall. "Antreas Gryffindoor."

    "Gryffindoor" somebody yelled in the crowd.

    "I will call you back later" said the sorting hat.

    "Hermione Granger"


    "Salazar Slytherin the 3rd"


    "Draco Malfoy"


    "Riley Ravenclaw"


    "Harry Potter"


    "Antreas Gryffindoor"

    "Hi Antreas" said Draco kid.

    "Hi" I said back. I walked to the table and sat down.

    "Hey this is Slytherin not Gryffindoor" an older kid said.

    I stood on the table crouched down to get to his height. "Is that a challenge cause if so I except. But If you don't have the guts then forever get out of my life" I said.

    The kid stood up. "Okay let's do this" he said. "But let's do hand fighting"

    "Okay I am fine with that" I said. He went for my legs and knew I was going to jump and kick so he grabbed my legs. So once he grabbed my legs I flipped him over he let go we both got up. He went for a Punch I grabbed his arm and turned him it would hurt him and he couldn't get out.


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