The Sorority A novel

Abby Grimes is a new sorority sister at Delta Phi Delta house. When she, and her friends are stalked by a killer, they put their lives on the line.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


2. Baxter Harris


Baxter ​Harris couldn't sleep. He gazed at the bright moon. The blackout had caused him to believe in death. He ignored his parents' rows; he ignored the yelling. Maybe  I should leave Louisiana and go to South Dakota when I'm eighteen. He was fifteen. As the heavy rain teemed downward, Baxter stared at the darkness. The lamps outside illuminated the southern house; the children's slide was empty. He liked the constant rhythm of the rain. Suddenly he heard screaming coming from the bayous. He saw a teenage girl dressed in a red dress. She was waving at him; she gripped onto her blue Delta Phi Delta sorority sweater with her left hand. She was also barefoot.  "Come with us, Baxter to the swamp​....", she said. And he shivered, as the spectral figure disappeared. He screamed in his fractured mind; he then closed his green eyes. Then she left him alone...and headed into the swampy bayous before he could utter a single word.


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