The Sorority A novel

Abby Grimes is a new sorority sister at Delta Phi Delta house. When she, and her friends are stalked by a killer, they put their lives on the line.

The new thriller novel by Robert Helliger.


3. Abby Grimes


​Saturday, May 8, 2017​ was a date that seeped in my mind. It was the weekend. I got up at 7AM. I had a shower, got dressed, and walked towards the kitchen for breakfast. I cooked mushrooms on toast, as the rest of my family slowly were dressed by seven-thirty AM, half an hour later. "What took you long?", I asked them. I was already putting the mushrooms on a white plate...and ate before the first light appeared. Mom took me to Delta Phi Delta sorority house after we ate. 


When I saw the front door of the sorority house, Kirsten stared at me. "You made it!", she said. "Of course I did", I told her. And, as they hugged each other, I stared at the other girls who wanted to get into the sorority. I didn't want to tell Kristen about the death of Alison. It was all over the Louisiana papers on-line. When we checked the names on the board to the left of us, we met the other girls.. And, for me, it was the beginning of our adventure.


"Abby, this is Kelli Ives, Staci Jenkins, Bethany Kendall, and Ivy Jones", Kristen said. I smiled at them. They were smiling at me, as we stared at the framed pictures of other girls in the sorority over the last century. Suddenly we saw a tall woman in her fifties watching us. "Good morning. I'm Miss Johnston. Welcome to Delta Phi Delta sorority house. Please follow me". And we did as we were told, as our parents left us alone. Tad was taken to basketball practice, as I was eager to belong here.


The killer wore black gloves on his cold hands. He wasn't a week person. He preferred the weekends to attack the sorority girls. He remembered the first time he saw the sorority. It was August 4, 1973.  The world of feminism, and women's liberation was high on the agenda. But, because of the news of Norma Lord's death in the bayous failed to get noticed until August 5, 1973, when she failed to get back from English class, caused Sheriff Hal Buxton to investigate her disappearance, And when they found her body in the bayous, her parents broke down into tears when they identified their only daughter's body. The Sheriff prayed to God, and knew that the time was right to stop the killer before it was too late. Sadly, and over a period of almost five decades, the killer wasn't found. And, by Halloween of 1982, the Sheriff retired due to ill health. By 1983 through to 2010, Sheriff Norm Marks, Jr., took over from him. And, as seven more sorority girls had died, the enduring mystery of the killer's identity wasn't revealed to the Louisiana public. As he died in the summer of 2012, America had changed in the post 9/11, 21st Century world; a world of the Internet, social media, and apps. But, in Louisiana, the killer was older...and wiser. He glanced at the girls holding a sharp knife in his hands. And he waited patiently for the right time to make his move...when the time was right.

Kelli stared at the framed pictures. "Mom was Head Sorority Girl of 1997. She stayed at Delta Phi Delta at until the year 2000; she was happy here. And now I'm here".. I introduced myself. "I'm Abby Grimes. I want to be a thriller writer when I grow up".. I watched them smile. "Writing is hard, you know", Staci said. "She's Staci. I'm Bethany; this is Ivy", she said. After we smiled at each other, Miss Johnston spoke in a commanding voice. "Everyone will be here for four years. It's going to be free from danger".

"Danger. What kind of danger are we in?", I asked her.

"It's a figure of speech, Abby", she answered.

"Oh", I said. 

And I shook my head....and hoped to survive the first year at the sorority.


The killer watched the girls. He saw Miss Johnston. He gazed at the front window. And, after he broke into the lounge room, he waited for the time to come to strike. He breathed heavily. Then he focused his attention on Miss Johnston. He raised the knife in the air. Then brought it down.

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