Taylor Weasley

The sister of Ron that was born August 29. War between the malfoy's and the weasley have been going on for awhile. But it gets worse once Taylor and Draco meet. Of course the dark lord is after Taylor and Harry. Let's see if Taylor and draco end up loving each other being fraternal enemies.


1. Weasley vs. Malfoy

  "What are you and your pipsqueaks doing where Weasley" said Luscious Malfoy. As we where walking by his table in the restaurant. We stopped and looked at the Malfoys.

  "Minding our business Malfoy and suggest you do the same" I said. Luscious stood up.

  "And what are you going to do about it" said Luscious. Staring at her intensely. He looked at his son then and his son stood up as well.

  "Let's take this outside" said his son.

  "Play let's go my backup is my dad" I said.

  "My dad is mine as well" he said. We walked outside. We put are wands in front of are faces. We Brang them down took five steps back and face each other. He shouted "EXSPELIAwas!!!" Taylor dodged the spell.

  "Rekashampra" I whispered and so Draco and luscious couldn't hear. Draco went flying and he landed doing the splits.

  "Let's make this interesting, if I win this duel I get your oldest daughter Author" said Luscious.

  "And if I won you have to leave me and my family alone" said Author. "Deal."

  "Deal" said Luscious. They had a very long and boring fight because they keep blocking ex others spells. Finally one of them shot they other down but Taylor was sleeping in Tell Luscious yells "wake up your coming  with me."

  "Wait what no I'm not" said Taylor.

  "He won the fight so your now a Malfoy" said draco. I went strate up to his face.

  "I will never ever be anywhere near as difficult to live with as you" Taylor said. I walked around the corner and before Draco or Luscious caught up to me I transformed into a cat. Luscious and Draco went strate past Taylor and she ran home as fast as I can.

  "Hey mom hey dad. How's it going Percy" Taylor said. I sat down on the chair.

  "Well we all got our letters here's yours" said Percy. The twins walked. 

  "Where's dad" said Fred. The car pulls up. "Nevermind."

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