Fake Love True Love

there will most likely be some sex and swearing but Ik if you don't have an account it can be annoying not being able to read Yellow or Green soooooo


4. lunch

Josaphine's P.O.V


After getting all signed up and going to a few classes, it was finally lunch time.

Since I had just transferred here, I had absolutely no friends.

I got into the line to get food and in front of me was that boy from the bus.

The one I was smelling, yeah him.  Awkward!



The line started to move and the person in line behind me tapped my shoulder

I turned around and saw a cute boy with curly hair.  I mean,

he wasn't like a little boy, but he had a big smile

and just seemed bubbly, it was so cute!

"Um, hello?" he asked still smiling, breaking my zoning out time.

"Oh, yeah hi.  Sorry!" I said nervously, trying my best not to stutter.



"Haha, it's fine.  Hey could I please cut in front of you?" he asked, still smiling

I could feel my face getting a little bit red from anger

"Seriously?  You just want to cut?  Dude, I'm hungry, too!" I said without thinking.

"Sorry, that's not what I meant!  My friends are right ahead of you and

I had to use the restroom so I wasn't able to get in line with them" he asked, looken

a little taken aback from my response earlier.  "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!  Um, yeah of course!"

I said while awkwardly making space for him to get past me.



I'm assuming he was friends from the blonde kid  from this morning and

telling them about how much of an idiot I am because the blondie looked

back at me and smirked.  Yeah, that's what I'll call him for

now on.  'Blondie'.

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