Fake Love True Love

there will most likely be some sex and swearing but Ik if you don't have an account it can be annoying not being able to read Yellow or Green soooooo


3. lost

Josaphine's P.O.V


Once I was inside, I started walking around a little bit, thinking about guy from outside

and how embarrased I was.  Maybe it happens to him all the time!...

Yeah right, whatever.  "Didn't he have a lip ring?  Wow,

that's so cool!" I thought to myself.



I soon realized I had no idea where I was going.

I walked around aimlessly, and then accidentally ran into someone,

I looked up at them.  It was a guy with red hair, but not like

a natural red head, it was RED, like it was dyed.  But his hair didn't

look the healthiest, like maybe he dyed it a lot.

He wasn't exactly hot, but damn, he so was at the same time!



I looked up at him, "Um-, sorry for b-bumping into yo-ou." I stuttered.  I stutter a lot

when I'm nervous.  I took a few deep breaths and confidently asked

"Could you please point me to the front office?", "of course,

anything for a girl as beautiful as you." he said flirtatiously and winked.



It was nice that he thought I was beautiful but, like, seriously?  Dude!

So, he seemed like a fuckboy.  Not asking for HIS advice again.

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