Fake Love True Love

there will most likely be some sex and swearing but Ik if you don't have an account it can be annoying not being able to read Yellow or Green soooooo


2. first day

Josaphine's P.O.V


I got off the bus and gave the driver a tip.  As I stepped off the bus, staring at this new

school I had never seen before, I smelled something.

Something different than my old school.  It smelled nice.

I took a big breath in and then heard  a high-ish deep-ish voice coming from my left side

"Hey, uh, you smelling me?" the voice asked.  I turned around shocked.

"u-um-umm sorry I-I th-thought that wa-as the

sm-smell of t-t-the sc-school." I said nervously.

He laughed and walked away into the school.



He had blonde spikey hair, also referred to as 'pineapple hair'

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