My Songs

So, um, here are some songs I wrote. Seeing as I have a very boring and un-poetic life, they're all about characters from my stories and my sister's stories rather than stuff that's personal to me. Each chapter has a little video file attached with the song recorded, just in case anyone wanted to know what they all sounded like. Hope you enjoy!


3. Let Me In


Here's another song about a Welcome to Emberly character, because I'm selfish and like my own characters the best. This one is about Evelyn. Actually, I guess it's more about Mara but written from Evelyn's point of view, seeing as Evelyn doesn't really have much going for herself other than the fact that she's really really nice.


It’s so good to see you

How have you been?

Will this be the day

That you let me in?

I wanted to call you

But you didn’t reply

How are you feeling?

Are you still dying inside?

I look at you now, and what do I see?

Who are you trying to be?

You’re not the same as you used to be

What have you done? You used to be so alive

Now you look empty inside

Why won’t you tell me what’s on your mind?


Just let me in and I will be

Whoever you need me to be

Maybe I can help you see

There’s got to be another way

I promise you will be okay

You’ve got to let me in someday


You say that it’s late now

And you’ve gotta go

Before you leave me

I want you to know

I think you’re amazing

Yeah, you might disagree

You may think that you’re worthless

But you’re worth so much to me

I won’t get an answer, but I gotta try

What are you trying to hide?

Maybe you feel like your life is a lie

Well, like it or not, I’m along for the ride

And I won’t leave you behind

I hope you’ll forgive me for reading your mind




I’m here for you now

What do you need?

Do you wanna know

Who you’re meant to be?

I hope that you’re happy

I want to be by your side

How are you feeling?

Are you still dying inside?







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