My Songs

So, um, here are some songs I wrote. Seeing as I have a very boring and un-poetic life, they're all about characters from my stories and my sister's stories rather than stuff that's personal to me. Each chapter has a little video file attached with the song recorded, just in case anyone wanted to know what they all sounded like. Hope you enjoy!


9. Angel



Another "Eating Our Hearts Out" inspired song. Seriously- check out the book, it's really good. I don't have a recording of this one either (sorry!)


You were an angel

Hurt your soul when you fell

Brushed off the ashes

But you wore them so well

If demons look like this

They can drag me straight to hell

With you


You were

Cold-blooded, warm-hearted

Hot-headed, but God, so sweet

And since we started

I’m conflicted, twisted, wicked


I believe in angels, cross my heart and hope to die

But a wing and a prayer’s not enough to make us fly

Believing in me won’t save you from yourself

It’s a match made in heaven, but we’ve not a hope in hell


I was your angel

My wings were made of glass

My halo hung crooked

There were devils in my past

And heaven was a drink away

So I’d rather be in hell

With you


I was

Cool-headed, narrow-minded too

Thought my heart would see me through

Yours failed you, so mine did too

I’m conflicted, twisted, wicked




Girl, tell me something

Is it worth dying faithful just to hear the angels sing?  

Salvation, they can save it

You make me want to sin

Damnation, I’ll brave it

My demons always win

Hellfire, I crave it

When I feel your heat against my skin

I’m cold blooded, cold hearted

Afflicted, gifted, lifted





I want you

I need you

You’re a goddess with all the devil’s greed



You’re twisted, but God, so sweet

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