Jimin is in love with his friend Namjoon, but he don´t know how to say it. When Junkook with a fault discovers Jimin`s feelings, he want to bring them together.


2. You don´t tell Namjoon about this


Namjoon is gay? I can´t stop smiling. Maybe I have a chance with him? I hope so. I don´t know how long I have been in love with him, but I am.  I change to pyjamas, brush my teeth as I lay down on my bed. I can´t get Namjoon out of my head. He is always nice to me and he is goddamn hot. I smile and think of him until I fall asleep.


On my way to school, I meet Namjoon."Hey", I say. "Hey". I look at him. Shall I ask? "Uhm, Namjoon?" "Yeah?" "Can I ask you something?" "Sure. And technically you already asked me for something". I laugh. "You are right". "But you wanted to ask me for something?" "Yeah. Ehm, since you do not, you know, like girls. Is there a boy you like?" He stops walking and turns around so he stands in front of me. We look each other in the eyes. My heart is beating faster. "Yes", he finally answers. "There is a boy I like". He looks away and blushes. I also blush. Before we can say more, someone yell our names, from the other side of the road. It´s Hoseok. We cross the road and join him on the way to school.

After school

"Namjoon, can we go with you home?" Yoongi asks. He thinks a for moment." Yes, you can, but my aunt is on a visit, just so you know". "Okay let´s go", I say.

At Namjoons place, we sit around in the room, on the bed, on the chair or on the floor." Do we have some homework?" Namjoon asks. "Yeah, English right?" Jungkook moans. None of us want to make it, but we decide to make it anyway.  "Do we have some snacks?" Seokjin asks. "Let´s check the kitchen", Namjoon smiles. The guys go with Namjoon. But not me. I take my English notebook and find a blank page. On the page, I draw a heart. In the heart, I write: Jimin + Namjoon. Since I´m alone I just sit and look at the drawing. It means, I thought I was alone. Someone is standing behind me. I quickly close the notebook. But not fast enough. "Do you like Namjoon?" the someone asks. The someone who is Jungkook. I only blush. He giggles." I can´t wait to tell Namjoon", he says. "You don´t tell him about this!", I raise my voice. "I do". He starts running down the stairs and I am right behind him. At the end of the stairs, I lay him down and sit on his stomach. "If you say to Namjoon that I´m in love with him, I swear I personally will cut your tongue out with a kitchen knife", I say. He just smiles. "I think you just told him yourself", he giggles. I look up and see the other boys standing in a half circle around us. I blush and look down at the floor. I hear some noises and someone sits down next to me. "Come on, stand up", a voice says and takes my hand. I let the person help me up. The person is Namjoon. We are still holding hands. None of us say anything and it is all kind of awkward. Namjoon hugs me. "I like you. I really, really like you. I think I´m in love with you", he whispers in my ear. I take a little step back and look surprised at him. The others look confused. He kisses me quickly and looks shyly at me. I smile and look down. I look up again and now it´s my turn to kiss him. He kisses me back. I have dreamed so much about this. And now it happens. I kiss with Namjoon. I feel his arms around my waist and put one of my hands on his chin. The other hand is around he´s neck. I can actually hear my heartbeat and it feels like everyone can hear it too. I want to stay in this moment forever. But then I hear a noise. Chrunch chrunch. I look up at Namjoon. "What was that?" I ask. "What was what?". Namjoon looks confused. "The noise". "Which noise?" And then I hear it again. Chrunch chrunch. I look around. Seokjin stands with the hand in the chips bowl. "What?" he asks. I shake my head. "Nothing". "Yeah sorry, but I coudn´t wait. The chips smelled too good". We all laugh and then we go up too Namjoons room.

Honestly, we don´t make homework. We just hang out, talk and laugh. Namjoon and I sit next to each other, holding hands. My head is resting on his chest and his legs is cross over mine. I can feel when he laughs. That´s a good sound. The guys start to talk about a new action movie. Namjoon lays his chin on the top of my head. "Jimin, do you want to be my boyfriend?" he mumbles. Did Kim Namjoon just asked me to be his boyfriend? "I would love to", I answer and can´t hold a big smile back. "Have I missed a special good joke?" Yoongi asks me. "I don´t think so. Why?" "Because you smile like a crazy". I don´t know what to answer and to my luck, someone opens the door and saves me. It´s Namjoon`s aunt.


                                                                           Namjoon`s aunt

I can hear talk and laughter from Namjoon`s room. I open the door and seven pairs of eyes look at me. Three guys lay on the floor and one of them have taken the bowl with chips. On the chair sits another boy and smiles. On the end of the bed a guy sits in his own thoughts. In the other end Namjoon sits and cuddles with another boy. Is it normal for friends to do that? They all look at me. "Ehm, I saw that you were home, so I just wanted to say hi", I say to Namjoon. He nods." Aunt, this is my friends. Guys, this is my aunt", he says. “The guy on the chair is Hoseok, or just Hobi. He´s kindda weird. Gets hype and sings in the public. And him with the chips is Seokjin. We just call him doctor handsome. He´s a very hungry person. The boy beside Seokjin is Taehyung. We call him smirkmaster because he makes weird faces when he is feeling borred.” Tahyung sends me a box smile.” And this is Jungkook. He is our little brother. When Jungkook is in the room, you should look for your chair, before you sit down. And the dreamer there", he says and nods in direction of the guy in the end of the bed, "is Yoongi. He´s tired about 50% of the time. And last we have Jimin”. He looks at the guy beside him. “He´s very special. He´s ehm… he is my boyfriend.” Both guys blush till their faces have same color as a cherry. I look at them." Hi, everyone", I smile. Then I leave them alone.

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