Jimin is in love with his friend Namjoon, but he don´t know how to say it. When Junkook with a fault discovers Jimin`s feelings, he want to bring them together.


3. What more can i wish?


Half an hour later, Yoongi´s phone is ringing. When he´s done talking, he looks around in the room. "I have to go now. We should have some guests". "Bye then", I say." And see you tomorrow". "Yeah, see you". When he leaves, the rest of us look at each other in silence. None of us know what to say. Tae and Kookie send looks to each other, only they understand." Ehm, we should probably leave too, if we shall be home for diner", Jungkook says. "You´re right, let´s go", Tae answers and get up from the floor. Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok and Seokjin, get their stuff, say goodbye and leaves with a last curious look. "What happened to them?" I ask. "Don´t know. Maybe they think we smell", Jimin jokes. "Yeah maybe", I laugh.

We go down and join aunt in the kitchen. She smiles to us.  "What happened to the other guys?" she asks. "We don´t know, Jimin answers. “Yoongi leaved because he should have guest and when he leaved, the others were quick to leave too. We don´t know why". "Hmmmm", she says and looks down in a pot. "Where is mom?" I ask. "She´ll be home late. Do you stay for diner? "she asks Jimin. "If it´s okay". She smiles. "Of course it´s okay. You can stay here for the night if you want to". Jimin and I smile at each other." I will call my mom to say that I stay here for the night", he says.

After we have eaten our food, we make Jimin`s bed. Then we play Uno with aunt. "How long have you two been in a relationship?" Aunt asks. "If I may ask". "Since today", I say. She nods slowly." I think I know, why the others needed to go home so fast". "Why?" "Because they will leave you two guys alone". I look at Jimin and thank the guys in my thoughts.

I lay in my bed after we have said goodnight to aunt. "Namjoon?" "Yeah?" "Would it be okay, if I come up in your bed?" Jimin sounds unsure. "Sure, just come". Soon we lay beside each other and talk. We quickly start to cuddle and kiss. After some time, Jimin falls asleep. But I can´t sleep. I lay and look at him. He is so sweet in he´s sleep. I think about tomorrow. What will the school say? I realize that I don´t care. They can say what they want. I have my friends and my family, who loves me, for who I am. And now I also have an amazing boyfriend. And what more can I wish?

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