Jimin is in love with his friend Namjoon, but he don´t know how to say it. When Junkook with a fault discovers Jimin`s feelings, he want to bring them together.


1. Jimin, you got no jams


"Good morning honey", mom says to me. "Morning mom". "Are you hungry?" "Yup, I could eat a whale". She laughs. "Good. I have breakfast for you". "You are the best, mom", I say and she smiles. I eat my food and take my school things. "I have to go now. Bye mom". "Bye, and have a good day".

When I walk into the classroom, the guys already sit there. "Hey guys", I say and they look at me. "Hey Namjoon", Hoseok says. I sit down next to Jimin. He mumbles something, blushes and look away. I smile. Stop it, he will never be your boyfriend, so just stop, I say to myself. But it´s not easy. "Hey Namjoon, guess what my brother said to me this morning", Jimin says. I look at him with my eyebrows lifted." What?" "He said: Jimin. You got no jams". "For real?" "Yeah". We burst out laughing and the others send us strange looks. It feels good to laugh with him. We look at each other and in that moment, it feels like there´s something between us. A connection.


The bell finally rings to lunch."Ohhh i´m just so hungry", Seokjin moans. "In which moment are you not hungry?" Yoongi asks and we laugh. We all get a death glare. A group of girls stand and whisper together. When they see Seokjin, they stare and start to giggle. "It seems like you are popular", Taehyung says and looks a bit annoyed. "Are you jealous?", Seokjin teasingly says. "Me? Jealous? On you? Never". "That", he says and looks back at the girls, "was just luck. It may be your lucky day, doctor handsome". I can´t hold back a laugh. Now it´s Tae´s turn to send death glare. "Doctor handsome?" Jungkook asks. "Yeah, the girls think he´s handsome, right? From now on, he is doctor handsome".

"Which girls on the school, do you guys think are the hottest?" Tae asks, when we sit with our lunch." I don´t know", I answer." What? It can´t be true. There must be someone you like". I think of Jimin and blush. Jungkook giggles. "Who?" I shake my head." Not now". "Why not?" "Guys, I have something to tell you. But I can´t do it here. I text it to you after school". They nod.

After school

When I open the door, our dog jumps around and barks. I smile and pet her. "Hi", mom says from the kitchen. "Come here, your aunt is here". I walk in to the kitchen and aunt smiles. I smile and hug her." Good to see you again", I say. I feel a vibration from my phone. I take it up from my pocked and look at the message. It´s Jungkook: School is out. Who are you in love with? You promised. Tell us. Now!!! I shake my head, roll my eyes and smile a little bit. Shit. What shall I write to them? I think in about a minute and write: You are right Jungkook, I promised. You may understand that this is hard for me to say. But here it comes: The truth is that I´m not interested in girls because I´m gay. Now you know it. Done. Now I just have to wait for their reactions.

I sit in my bed and watches TV. And then, seven messages. I take my phone and open the messages. It is from the guys. They write, that they of course are surprised, but they are okay with it. I close my eyes a moment. Now I can relax.

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