In the end, not having a break over break days is wrong.

Compilation of multiple conversations and thoughts, aiming for a greater story.


1. And so, he's back at his initial state

After walking for a couple of blocks, both her and I where keeping an awkward silence while once again, playing it off as if nothing happened in realit, it was now common for just let things slide, the old 'if no one sees it as a problem, then it isn't one' phrase I read in a novel a while back became a huge part in our so called friendship, bu I didn't know if it was one in reality, after all I was never taught what the word friendship meant, I guess now a days being a friend is basically talking to each other on common basis andnot going far from a trivial point, or so it seems, specially after living through so many embarasing moments, then I learned the only ways I could go on butnow it was diferent, things changed since the moment she and I met a couple of years ago, something inside me changed, but it didn't took so long until I realised it was just another fake change that became visible today more than ever.

However, she seemed to have an opposit view on things. As we were walking a gentle night breeze started to hit us, on nights like this is when I enjoy walking in general, the cold feeling of the night was a perfect fit for my hatred towards the sun, unconsciously I started grinning , I tend to forget what going on in the moment when something simple et wonderful happens. This breeze made her hair wave in a peculiar way, it felt like a movie since all te wind was geting us from one side and her hair just waved towards me, I could tell from her face itwas kind of irritating her having all te wind in her face and on top of that the cold night was enough to make her feel unconfortable in general, she placed both her hands in the pockets of her jacked and started walking a bit faster.

Not too long after crossing that old short bridge connecting one street wit the other she turned her gaze to me like expecting something and finally stooped when we reached this huge mall where she was heading.

"If you want maybe you can join meand my sister, we are going to watch this movie that is like the hottest topic right now"

"I think I will pass, I promised my mother I was gonna be back early so I could spend time with her"

"Oh, I see, no worries I get that"

Her expression said the opposit, from a bright smile and a happy expectation she looked down and attemped to hold that smile instead ofaking a serious or sad face.

"Well then I'm taking off, thanks for today"

"No need to thank me, see you again"

She leaned in and hugged me, I could just return it and walked away. I wasn't honest, I wanted to say 'I don't think that a good idea' and just walk off, things were awkward enough by just us and even if she was willing to pretend like we didn't have serious argument a while ago I wasn's, to be honest I was just tired in a sense, deal with people drain me in general and now having this with the person I thought everything was as it seemed was more tiring than usual, even tho she was honest with how she felt about our behavios lately I just couldn't bear it, it was just really annoying in many senses.

After all of this I just wanna go home and shut myself in as usual, I fell great just being by myself and deep inside me I was relieved, i could only feel good about us being set apart, it was just weird, I wasn't feeling bad at all...

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