The Untold Story

Latzna is turning into a dangerous assassin, she will overcome different difficuties, with help of other people, and sometimes by herself. She will leaver her homeland with her master to be thrown into a dangerous world full of people who will go against her, or help her.


1. One last drink

The young lady was sipping on her whiskey as she watched the few people who were still walking late in the streets pass by. She was sitting on a chair outside a Bar, one leg crossed over the other, her arm was loosely resting on the small round wooden table beside her as she was holding her glass. Her brown eyes drifted from the people walking on the street to the black sky, where cars flew over her head. She was lost in thoughts when a young man wearing a hat and a long brown coat approached her. “A young lady like you drinking some lone whiskey?” He asked ironically, taking her free hand and barely touched it with his lips. “It's the last one.” She said. His smile disappeared and he sat down beside her on the opposite side of the table. “It's already that time, eh?” He asked. She didn't answer, and took one more sip from her glass. She was still staring at the cars light’s floating above their heads. “Damn, never thought this time would come.” He said in a sight as he leaned back on the chair. They sat there in silence for a while, he had put his hat on the table and ran his fingers through his brown hair. He watched as a police car flew between the high skyscrapers of Machinamentum. They were on the 12th floor street, which was full of cafés and restaurants. He started daydreaming about his past life, how he lost some part of his family and how he got so far.  “Johnny.” The young men looked at the woman beside him who had called his name and was still gazing into the sky. “Yes?” He asked. Latzna turned her head away from the shadows that slightly hid her face and looked Johnny straight in the eyes. Her golden hair was flying lightly in the breeze, her black leather coat falling to her ankles and the way she was sitting there observing him with her brown eyes which could make him go crazy for her. “I will not lose.” she said determined. He smiled at her sadly and turned his eyes away from her to the sky. “I know.”


The small squad was standing in an old damaged and unfinished skyscraper, a little way outside of the city. Plantlife was already growing on the walls and the stone was constantly humid. Fire was burning on the top room of the skyscraper which was thirty floors high. Four people were sitting around it, warming themselves up and whispering to each other, and two others making some food. Everyone had their hoods up which let shadows fall on their faces. The main colour was a red cape with blue patterns. The mood was rather tense, but you could also feel the determination of each squad member. In total there were nine people on that floor. One was in the room beside the room with the camp fire and he was observing the night with night vision goggles. Two others were standing on the edge of the window-less floor and talked silently to each other. The girl was resting against a pillar behind her and she was wearing a blue glowing armor. She didn’t have a cape like the others, instead she had over her black pants a blue leather over-dress, and a hood attached to her armor. Her weapon was a huge Blue and black scythe that rested beside her against the pillar. She had braided her golden hair, which was now falling out of her hood onto her right shoulder. The man she was talking to had a completely black cape, and you could barely see his face. “When will they be here?” the young woman asked. The man in the black cape answered: “I give them minimum five hours. Maximum seven hours considering all the things they carry with them and how fast they walk.” The blue dressed woman whispered: “That’s an awful lot of time and yet such a short time.” The man in black nodded under his hood. “But we should still be careful, especially as they know that they will fight you.” The young woman didn’t say anything and looked into the far darkness.

Hours had passed when finally the men in the room beside the campfire shouted: “Here they are!” Latzna stood up immediately and reached out for her scythe whilst the man in the black cape stomped on the campfire to put it out. Latzna’s fox eyes watched the hill getting crowded by a huge army. “Didn’t think he was that scared of me.” The squad members prepared themselves to go into battle. She reached over for her hood and put it over her Fox ears. “Are you ready?” She asked the squad members. “Check one more time if the communication system is working!” she SAID. Latzna closed her eyes as the voices echoed in her head: “One, on position.” “Two, ready to go ” “three, waiting for further instructions. ” “four, on position” “Five, ready.” “Six, Got my eye on them.” “Seven, on position” “Eight, right behind you.” “Nine. Communication on point. Six, get ready with your sniper. Two and Three, find the subject. One, kill their assassins as quickly as possible. The rest follow me.” Four, five, seven and eight followed their leader as she jumped off the building, catched a metal bar, swung herself to slow her fall, and catched the rope that was leading further down to let it slip through her hands. Just before she reached the ground she firmly gripped the rope, jumped off it and landed softly on the ground, her scythe in her right hand. She could see how the twins two and three went into the enemy army without being seen. The twins had powerful psychic power, and made the dream team. Latzna now stood behind a rock to look over to the army and her squad was right behind her. She closed her eyes, and took a deep trembling breath. She felt her heartbeat and the blood rushing through her veins, she heard the whispers and the steps of the enemy army. When she finally felt calm again she opened her eyes, in which the light of determination was now glowing. She jumped off the rock, smiled to her comrades, and walked towards the enemy. Four, five, seven and eight followed her closely, forming a v-shape. Suddenly, when the enemy finally noticed them, lights shone down from light spheres created by weak magic to shine upon the fox-girl and her squad. She stood straight, her eyes scanning the enemy and the surroundings.


The whole army had stopped, everything stood still for a moment and the silence brought chills up their spines. It was a long minute. A long minute in which all eyes were concentrated onto one point. The point where a blue reaper was awaiting one word to get moving. She was waiting still, her legs were closed together, her eyes drifting over the enemy, gracefully. Her scythe reached over her head, big and powerful. Her comrades stood faithfully beside her, just as graceful as her. It was a long minute. The minute before the faith of many races was about to be decided. Right here, on this point where this battle was about to happen. And then, she finally heard it. Even before six finished his sentence, Latzna’s tensed muscles made her leap forward like a shadow, striking the first enemy with her powerful scythe. “I see him.” Six’s voice echoed.

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