The Untold Story

Latzna is turning into a dangerous assassin, she will overcome different difficuties, with help of other people, and sometimes by herself. She will leaver her homeland with her master to be thrown into a dangerous world full of people who will go against her, or help her.


5. New condition, new life

            A few months later Latzna found herself sitting on a branch of a high tree. She watched the sky, and the falling leaves without really paying attention to them. Now that she had a new body, she had started getting used to it. She had noticed that her balance was a lot better than before. She was able to balance on smaller things and even became better than her master. Also, she received night vision, giving her a large advantage in dark environments. She was able to move faster, and had better reaction-time. She was now a perfect assassin.

             The young fox girl could hear the footsteps of her master coming closer as she was thinking. She looked down the tree, and saw him looking up in the branches trying to find out where she was sitting. “I’m right here!” She said, waving at him. As he looked up at the place where she was sitting, she already had disappeared, and landed in front of him, making barely sound as she touched the ground. He backed up in a surprise, and grinned “I see you’ve gotten better.” Latzna smiled a little bit “Yes.” she responded. Her ears where hidden under a brown leather hoodie, and she wore a brown cape that hid her tail. “I think I should tell my best friend Despi the truth. She has been wondering why I always have something on my head and why I always wear a cape. She has been worried.” Master Fueng looked at his student for long moment and answered: “You should always do what you think is right. Follow your instinct. Now that you’re half animal, half human, your instincts are even better.” She didn’t say anything for a moment and he continued “I think there is also something else, important on your mind. You might want to tell me?” Latzna hesitated, opened her mouth several times, but didn’t say anything, until she finally found how to start her sentence: “Well… I’ve been thinking that I would like to search for that Centaur who killed Night. I just think that what he did is wrong, and he had no right doing this. And he also had no right to be on our planet. Which means that he is probably an illegal traveller or pirate. I need to find him and get revenge.” Master Fueng watched her silently.

He suddenly started to slowly uncover his Upper body. He had a wonderful body. He had lots of muscles, not too much. But, there was also a scar running over his whole belly, it was huge. “You see that scar? I was on a mission that day. I was in an enemy camp with my comrade, and we were good friends. Our mission was to discover their plans. My friend died during a fight and I’ve been blinded by my anger, and hate. I wanted revenge. I almost lost my life because of my blindness. If it wasn’t for that other assassin, I would be dead. Don’t let yourself be blinded by revenge. Listen Laza, you’re a very intelligent and talented young woman. It would be a waste to lose you. And many people will suffer from your loss.” Latzna looked at that scar, at first shocked. “Remember, Laza, you’re unique. You’re a wonderful person. For many people you’re an angel.” He slowly reached out  for her hoodie and made it fall back, making her ears show. “No matter what you are, or what you lived, there will always be someone to accept you as for who you are, and for the others, they are just jealous, or stupid and you shouldn’t care about them too much.” He petted her head, and she closed her eyes, a smile appearing on her face. A small breeze made the branches and bushes move. “I will always be there for you, Laza. You’re not only a student for me. You’re the daughter I never had. You’re the comrade I always wished to have, because people can trust you, no matter what. You’re always there for everyone, and you have lots of strength.” He held her head in both of his hands, to make her look into his eyes. “Listen, Laza. I would never forgive myself if I lost you. Never forget who you are. Never forget who to trust. Never forget to stay  who you are.” He smiled while looking into her shiny brown eyes, slowly starting to fill with tears. And they started falling. One. Two. Three. They didn’t stop falling, and Latzna freed herself from his hands, to fall into his arms. He was like a father to her. He teached her how to survive, how to fight, how to get stronger. He listened to her worries, to her cries.


When she walked back in town it was already evening so she decided to take a walk around town to think about everything. Suddenly she could hear a little boy crying for help. So she went where the sound was coming from and saw an around eight years old boy, surrounded by three older drunk men, bullying the little guy. “Hey, you!” Latzna said “What are you doing there?” The three guys turned around, glaring at her with evil smiles. One was standing out, he was huge, he was like a human mountain. The two others where A little smaller but still strong. A breeze passed and made her hoodie fall back. “Look at that! A Wanya, how surprising to see one, here.” Slowly, all three of them came closer and grinned. “Let’s see what we can do with you.” They started to surround her and came closer. Latzna stood still, and stayed very, very calm. As all three of them were close enough, she lifted her hands to the side, and her right foot was lifted too. She stood there as if she was about to fly away like a bird. And suddenly, she jumped and kicked all three men in the head, one after another. the two small ones were laying on the ground but the big one just went a few steps back. He growled angrily, shook his head, and looked at Latzna with anger. “You’re going to get some trouble now.” He said, as he came closer. He cracked his fingers and tried to hold the young girl by the shoulders, but as he was about to close his hands around her, she wasn’t there anymore. “Are you seriously trying to catch me?” She said curiously. As he turned around and looked at her, egregious. “I will kill you!” He cried. “Damn you Wanya’s, you’re all stupid assassins!”  Latzna didn’t let any of these words touch her heart, as her Master taught her. “You can’t kill me.” She replied calmly. Suddenly, he started to move towards her, in an incredible speed. She jumped into the air and he crushed his head against the wall of the house Latzna was standing in front a few seconds ago. He fell unconsciously on the ground, not moving. The little boy Latzna saved wasn’t there anymore, so she pulled up the hoodie again over her ears, and continued her path as if nothing happened.

One day, as master Fueng was training with Latzna, he had big news for her: “Listen here young girl, we have been training a lot, and now, even if it is difficult for me to admit it, you are stronger  and  better than me.” He giggled and then continued: “Listen very carefully. You have been trained to become an assassin, and nothing else. You are the best I’ve ever seen, you’re not only fighting because you have to, or because you will gain something from it, you fight because you have a reason, I know you won’t kill anyone who doesn’t deserve it.” Latzna was sitting in front of him, listening carefully to what he was saying, altho she already knew what was coming: “ I have a mission. For us both.” He took out a paper and showed it  to the young fox-girl. She started reading it, and in the letter was written:


       Dear Shadowdragon,

As you might think, I have a mission for you. But before I tell you about it, I’ve   also heard about you training a new student. I would like you to take this student with you, whoever it is. It is the perfect opportunity to test him.

      Now about the mission. I want you to find  and kill Murilo. He is a pirate Centaur, traveling to other worlds illegally and destroying people’s life. He has done some bad things to my family, and you don’t need any more details about what happened, but I will pay you a great fortune for killing him, and bringing his heart to me. I will leave you 7 months to do so. I shall send you 3000 Vitzas for the start, and if you give me the heart right on time, I shall give you the other 7000 Vitzas. I also gave with the 3000 Vitzas, 200 more so you can travel, and get visas to get into other planets.


I wish you the best,

Mr. Clarkson



                   As Latzna finished reading the paper, she re-read it to be sure not to miss any information. “So, if I understand it correctly, Mr. Clarkson wants us to kill the centaur who killed Night?” She asked, and master Fueng answered: “I’m not sure if it is him, but it sounds like him. I’ve already did some researches, and found out that Murilo has taken a spaceship to Fomujuana, and I have already found someone who would take us there for free.” Latzna looked master Fueng straight in the eyes “Is it illegal?” “No.” He answered. “We will be known as part of the crew” He said with a smile. “We will be working?” Latzna exclaimed, her ears falling to the sides as disappointment. “Yes, we will. And you also will have to think about a cover-name. As you just read they call me Shadowdragon. You have to get one too, think about it carefully. Also, you will have to say goodbye to your friends, you should be back in 7 months.”

Latzna agreed, and went back home, deepened in thoughts. “I can see something is troubling you.” said Chris, her big brother that was aged three years older than her, as she came into house. He was sitting on the small couched they possessed, playing the guitar. “Tell me about it.” She sat down in front of her brother, and after a moment she told him about the adventure she was going to have the next day.

He looked at his little sister for a moment, realising how grown up she was, and how beautiful she is. And most of all, how strong she has become. It took him a moment to accept that she was about to have an adventure like that, and that she would go somewhere where he wouldn’t be able to help her if she was in danger. He had several feelings coming up; pride, fear, happiness and at the same time sadness. He wouldn’t say anything, and then when the atmosphere slowly became awkward, Tom came in, and asked “What’s up here? What’s about all these serious faces?” Tom asked. He had grown a 3 days beard  and was taking care of it. Also he was the oldest of the three siblings, and was 6 years older than his little sister. Chris explained to Tom what was up and, he had the same reaction as his brother previously. Latzna smiled at her brothers, and after a moment she noticed that her mother wasn’t home. And so she asked: “Where’s mom?” Chris responded “She is still at the bakery, she’ll be coming home late. She has a break in fifteen minutes if you want to go see her.” The young girl stood up, put on her hoodie on and walked to the bakery, where she found her mom sitting inside and eating cake. She entered the shop and got welcomed by one of the coworkers of her mother: “Hello Laza, how are you today? Are you here to see your mother?” “Hello, I’m fine and you?” Latzna answered, smiling politely “And yes I’m here to see her, and already spotted her, thank you” “I’m fine too, I’ll bring you some cake.” “Thanks” Latzna went to her mother, and as she saw her daughter she stood up and took her in her arms, but she could feel the tension in her body. “What’s wrong?” She asked. “Mom, I have important news.”

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