The Untold Story

Latzna is turning into a dangerous assassin, she will overcome different difficuties, with help of other people, and sometimes by herself. She will leaver her homeland with her master to be thrown into a dangerous world full of people who will go against her, or help her.


3. Different worlds

         Latzna was at her master’s place with Night. They sat in front of a fire while Master Fueng was searching for a book in his library, which took almost all the place in this house. His black leathered clothes followed every single movement of his body, and his belt was full of knives. “Today, young apprentice, I decided that I would tell you about the universe. An assassin needs to know what kinds of enemies they might be facing and be able to fight in different climates and under different conditions.” Latzna looked at him while he sat beside her with a big book in his hands. She listened carefully to what he said, as she didn’t know a lot about the universe. He continued: “There are 28 known planets in our universe. Every single planet has a different ruling species, except for 7 planets who have been destroyed or are uninhabitable. We live on the planet called Dunia, which is one of the most peaceful planets of the universe Ulim, and inhabited by seventy five percent of humans. Dunia is a rather simple planet, as they are behind most of the planets in technology and evolution and the human species does not possess any extraordinary abilities or enhancements, which puts them at disadvantage compared to other species.


            Among these 21 planets, all split among several solar systems, there are 5 who are considered as the most powerful ones because of the extraordinary abilities or technology they possess. These 5 have, throughout history, fought many wars against each other, but have finally reached peace. Though these 5 planets are still very competitive towards each other, and the other planets believe that a war is going to break out soon between those 5 species.” Latzna was impressed by how much master Fueng knew about the universe and continued listening.


            “The first of those 5 planets is called Machinamentum, which is a planet that concentrates on technology. Their entire planet is almost like one huge city, with skyscrapers as far as you can see. They possess great military power which is feared by all the planets surrounding Machinamentum. I have been there once, and it is incredible to see.” He opened the book at one page, and there was a map scribbled on the page, and over the map was written Machinamentum.


            “The second planet is Wanyama, and the creatures ruling this planet are the Wanya’s. This species is half human half animal, and their ability is to talk to other animals, which, in the war, made them powerful, but they lost against the elves because elves have a strong bond with their animal friends. But the Wanya’s are also known for they’re feared assassins, because of their night visions and their incredible ability to walk silently they make the perfect assassins, and often put the enemy in a great disadvantage. I have been taught by one of the best wanya assassins. You can also find on this planet, wanya’s with a rare condition; which is that they have a complete human body, but can transform into an animal.” Again he turned the pages and showed her other scribbles of some wanya’s and one of the rare conditioned one. Apparently, he wasn’t only an assassin, but also an incredible good drawer and was very interested in the universe and other species.


“The third planet is A'maelamin, it is ruled by the Elves. This species is the most intelligent one and lives alongside Mythical creatures like Sphinx and other creatures. The elves are known for their high intelligence and their lust for knowledge. they are the one species who knows almost everything. They made an agreement with the Wanya’s, so that they could learn how to speak with the animals and creatures and in exchange for that knowledge the Wanya’s receive Gems with powerful  magical properties and resources only the elves possess.” He continued showing her the drawn pictures of each planet and each species while telling her about it.


“The fourth Planet is Rugrôu. This planet is ruled by the ogres which is a species that doesn’t have much of intelligence neither much of abilities but they are mostly known for their strength and their incredible strong will. Ogres don’t fear, and so they are the perfect destruction machine. Also, ogres are known to attack other planets for no specific reason, which makes them uncontrollable and incalculable, and to add to their strength, they are resistant to some kind of magic somehow. They also threatened smaller planets to provide them with materials and weapons, and use them as slaves.


And last but not least, the planet of talking animals, Kuzungumza. The species of talking animals, called Kuzu, is known for their amazing strategist and so, are in advantage of other planets. Also they have a strong army, and can be count as one of the most dangerous species of them five. But they are also known for their fun and being lazy, which gives them a great disadvantage.


            All 20 different species cannot go to another species planet without having permission of the species planet they would like to go to, and there is one planet which is not colonised by any of these 20 species and is used as a neutral planet. On this planet there are every 20 species joined together. This planet is called Pamoja. Pamoja is the biggest planet of Ulim, and contains over 200 different cities, each city being individual. The cities have been planned and built by 20 engineers, each one from a different species, and together they have created the one and only planet livable by all species. Peace is being saved by the police created only for this planet by machinamentum” He closed the book, and watched his student, slowly sleeping in the comfortable chair.

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