The Untold Story

Latzna is turning into a dangerous assassin, she will overcome different difficuties, with help of other people, and sometimes by herself. She will leaver her homeland with her master to be thrown into a dangerous world full of people who will go against her, or help her.


4. Back to the story

Several weeks had gone since Latzna had started training. It’s been only weeks, but the thirteen year old girl already had the wisdom of a twenty year old. Latzna would train every day at her master’s place. Her master's name was Yung Fueng and was known as one of the first human assassin and he was one of the best assassins in the universe. Latzna asked him several times to tell her about the wanya's and who teached him, but he wouldn’t answer this question and said: “It's not about who trained me, it is about how much I trained”.


The first time Latzna met the man who would end up training her was a long time ago. She had been sitting under the tree by her house, talking to herself as if she was talking to Night and asked herself if she should really allow herself to cry. Ever since her father left, she had wondered how she would react to the mail she would receive when her father dies. But no matter what she did, she could not get rid of the feeling that she would soon find that letter in the mailbox. On that warm, summer day, he appeared out of nowhere. Even though they had never met before, he listened to her as her weak voice silently spoke of the pain these events had brought her.  Master Fueng would listen to her, give her advice and ask her questions about what she wanted to be. A week quickly passed and the two of them had spent hours talking; according to Latzna, there was something about this man that made her feel safe and it felt like he understood her. Master Fueng was about forty years old and his hair had the colour of pepper and salt. He would teach her all the combat form he knew, and he was impressed by her ability to take in knowledge and interpret it in ways he had never seen before. She would take techniques he taught her and make her own version of them. But what probably impressed him the most, was the little time it would take for her to master the techniques he taught her. He couldn’t tell if he was a great teacher or if she was a magnificent student. In less than three months she mastered 3 different combat forms and mastered the skill of listening. She was able to tell the approximate weight, and the length of every single person. She was also able to tell how many people there were in a completely dark room and to tell where they were standing, just by listening to their movements and their breathing. In five months she mastered another four combat forms and the ability to walk silently wherever she was. After one years she knew all combat forms her master knew, and she had learnt everything her master told her. But Latzna knew, that she wasn’t as good as her master yet. And so she continued training every day of the week. She had only one goal: to become stronger.


One day, master Fueng told Latzna to go into the forest and find the fastest creature there. The leopard. She had to kill it and to bring back his fur to master Fueng. Latzna headed into the forest and waited on the branch of a tree. Night was right beside her like a vigilant dog, he always followed her wherever she was going. After two hours of waiting without moving, she saw it, the leopard.

Slowly, she moved forward on the branch she was sitting on. Her dark blue leather suit was following every movement of her body without making any sound. On her belt were hanging several throwing knifes and on her right thigh there was a black, metal knife hanging. It was her favorite, but she also had one hanging on her left thigh incase she needed to fight with two knifes. Her hair was attached in a half-long braid which was falling on her back. The air was calm and the branches were slowly moving in the breeze, everything was silent as a bird started singing in the distance. The leopard moved slowly forward listening to every sound surrounding him. He had a big self-conscious and though no one could beat him. He was the king of the forest. At least, he thought so.

Latzna prepared to jump. She waited and observed one more time, took a deep breath, and jumped, her right knife in her right hand, the left hand free. For a moment, it was like as if the time stopped. Her arms were spread to the sides, her legs closed together. The jump was perfect. The leopard didn’t notice her. She couldn’t help but put on a little smile, her hair shining in the sun. Now the gravity took over her body again, and, head forward, she prepared to kill the leopard in a painless death. But suddenly, the leopard ran away, tail between the legs. Latzna, taken by surprise, changed her position mid-air, and prepared herself to land on the ground. She rolled herself off, tripped over a stick, and fell on her belly, “Ouch…”.

Suddenly, she could hear Night starting to growl, and on the ground, in front of her, she could see the shadow of a creature. She stopped her breath, looked at the shadow, the adrenaline rushing in her blood. She was laying there on the ground, and if the creature attacked her, she couldn't do anything. Slowly, Latzna looked up, and looked into the eyes of… a centaur. Her eyes widen as she recognised this creature. The centaur was standing there over her, looking down at her, no emotions in his face. He held a spear in his right hand, and just stood there, looking at her as if she was just a stone. Latzna wasn’t able to move, somehow, the fear overcame her… She had this feeling again, something bad would happen. Her heart was racing, she could feel her knife in the right hand. The centaur started lifting one of his front hoofs and tried to stamp the young girls head. But Night jumped up and bit the centaur in the leg. The centaur screamed, and shaked his leg so that Night would be thrown six meters backwards. The centaur ignored the young girl and started moving towards the black fox in a fury.

Latzna stood up in a hurry, jumped onto the back of the centaur and stabbed his left shoulder with her knife. But the centaur shaked himself and she fell off into the dirt. Suddenly, his spear started glowing and Latzna found herself trapped in a magic prison. She couldn’t get out of there, and she yelled the fox name: “Night! Stand up! Stand up! Run! Come one boy! Stand uuup!” But Night laid unconsciously on the ground and was not able to move. The centaur suddenly laughed evilly, looked at Latzna with a evil grin on his face and slowly lift his spear over Night. The forest suddenly became dark and cold. No bird was singing, no rabbit was shaking the bushes, everything was silent. Latzna hit the magic barrier keeping her from saving her friend. She yelled and yelled, but once again she was powerless.

She could feel something warm running on her face as she watched the spear dig it’s way into Night’s black fur. In her eyes, everything was in slow motion. She could see the spear racing down onto Night’s heart, and the blood crawling out of his body leaving a trace on the ground. She yelled, screamed, hit against the magic barrier keeping her from pushing away the centaur. She was furious, sad, mad, all these feelings she screamed out. after a moment, The centaur started slowly lifting Night to the air with his spear, the blood of the black fox running down the spear. “NO! NO! Leave him alone! He has done nothing! NOOOO!”

And then, Night’s body transformed into blood red dust. It flew for a moment in the air, but as it came closer to Latzna, she crawled back in her cage until her back was leaned against the magic barrier “What are you doing? what are you doing?” She said, her voice filled with fear. The centaur laughed and looked her in the eyes “I will make you pay for that, you shall never forget this day, when you lost your friend. You shall always remember it when you look into the mirror. You shall be united with him, FOREVER!” Again he laughed. As the dust reached her, she could feel something changing and a stinging pain was sent throughout her body. She rolled up like a cat, trying to protect herself, trying to get the pain away from her body. And suddenly a shadow came and threw the centaur to the ground.

Master Fueng stabbed the centaur several times, fought him with all he got until the creature ran away into the forest with a last wish of vengeance. But when master Fueng turned around, he didn’t have the same girl in front of him. The young girl, now aged fifteen and a half, was not the same human as before. Latzna stared at her hands, eyes wide open. Then she slowly looked up to master Fueng, her eyes showing that she couldn’t believe what just happend. Master Fueng looked at her, disarmed, powerless to what just happend. He slowly moved towards her, hesitated, but then came closer to her again. Latzna watched him doing, coming closer. She couldn’t believe it. Master Fueng reached out for her and took her into his arms. He said in a soft and warmhearted voice: “Everything is going to be alright. I’m here for you. What you lost cannot be replaced, but it will always have a place in your heart. I wish I could help you share the burden that you will now be constantly reminded of, but the only one who can fight your battles is you.” He let go of the girl, which was now crying because she has finally realised what happened. Master Fueng took off his coat, and gave it to Latzna, lifting the hoodie over her head. “Thanks” Said the girl in a broken voice. “I’d like to go home if I may, I hope you understand, master Fueng.”

As Latzna got home, she straight got up the stairs to her room, without taking off her coat. She locked her door, threw the coat on the bed, and looked into the mirror. Tears started streaming down her face as she looked at herself. At the top of her head she recognised two familiar black, fox ears which were once located on Night’s head. As she looked down to her legs, she saw a black tail hanging sadly behind her. She turned around to take a look at it closer. The tail was as black as the one of Night, as it was his. The tip of the tail being white. It started moving around, as she tried to take a closer look, and she understood that she was able to control it, same happened with her ears. Her ears would move with her mood, and as she was sad, her ears where standing to the side. She wasn’t human anymore. She got transformed into a Wanya. She could hear her mom coming up the stairs, but somehow, she could hear it louder than usual. She could hear her breath, and she could feel how she was worried. She wasn’t surprised when her mom knocked the door, and tried to enter the room, but as the door was locked, her mother knocked again and asked: “Darling, are you okay? You didn’t take off your coat as you came in and didn’t say anything… And where is Night? Did something happen between you and  master Fueng?” Latzna stayed quiet for a while, no knowing how to respond, what to say. She was speechless. “Laza? are you there? can you hear me?” her mother asked, more worried than before. Latzna slowly moved towards the door, hesitated for a moment, but then slowly unlocked her door while saying “Please mom, promise that you won’t scream…” Slowly the door opened. Her mom came into the room and looked at her daughter.

Her jaw dropped as she saw the condition of her daughter, she didn’t understand at first, and shaked her head in a slow movement. She was paralyzed. “How?” was the only thing she was able to say after a long moment. “It is a long story to tell…” Answered the poor girl. Her mother slowly coming back to herself again asked: “Where is Night?” She didn’t understand what was happening, and maybe somewhere she didn’t want to. “Night died, mom… He died in front of my eyes” Said the young girl, tears starting to stream down her face. Her body started shaking as she started to cry, looking into her mother’s eyes. “He died, and I got his tail and his ears. He died and I live… He died when I could have saved him. He died because I am worthless and because I am not able to protect anyone!!” Screamed Latzna, falling on her knees because she didn’t have the strength to hold herself up anymore. Her tail wrapped itself around her as she fell and her ears got closer to her head. She lifted her hands to cover her face and to hide the tears that wouldn’t stop falling.

Her mother came up to her and wrapped her arms around her fragile daughter: “Shh… It’s okay Laza, I’m here. You are not worthless. Look at you, you achieved so much during the last 2 years… You became a strong, independent, young woman. It is not your fault Night died. You couldn’t save  him, and it's ok. He will always be there in our hearts.” Laza’s mother started to pet her daughter's head, and somehow it felt great and calming to Latzna. Her tears slowly stopped falling, her shaking calmed down as her mother continued to pet her head, Latzna  even  started  to feel a little bit of happiness, but only for a short moment. Then she remembered her condition. She looked  up to her mother and asked: “What am i going to become? What should I do? I will be reminded of this day every time I look into the mirror… Not talking about my friends reaction and the neighbour’s…” Her mother looked her deep in the eye and said: “About your condition… Darling, you need to take the advantages of that. It might seem terrible, but today, it is the only thing left to do. What you lost cannot be taken back, but what you won has to be used to your advantage only. If you want, I will sew you new things so they will hide your ears without hiding your whole face, and I can make you a coat or a cape to hide your tail… But only if you want to.” “That would be great, mom.” Said the young fox-girl with a soft voice and a small smile.

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