The Untold Story

Latzna is turning into a dangerous assassin, she will overcome different difficuties, with help of other people, and sometimes by herself. She will leaver her homeland with her master to be thrown into a dangerous world full of people who will go against her, or help her.


2. A heartbraking story

Latzna looked at the wooden sword she held in her hands, then looked up to her target. Her father stood in front of her, waiting for her to attack. She rushed forward, screaming loudly and aimed for her father's belly, but as she was about to hit him he held her sword strongly, and lift her up to put her on his shoulder. In a surprised manner she didn't move, then started laughing “Dad! That's not fair!” Her father laughed with his dark voice, “I am sorry Laza, but if I hadn't you would have pierced through me!” He put her back on the ground and looked down to her with a grin on his face “You're getting stronger.” He said. Latzna knew that she would have never been able to pierce her father's belly, after all she was only twelve years old, and her father was an experienced warrior who had to go into battle every week. The village the young girl lived in was known for it's strong fighters, but also to be one of the most attacked ones. People coming from other villages tried to fight those warriors, some because they were bandits, some because they were jealous, and others just because they were searching for a worthy opponent. The village was not particularly rich but everyone was able to live comfortably. “Dinner is ready!” echoed her mother’s voice as her father was teaching her some martial arts. The sun was already setting, and bathed the village in an orange, and red light. “It's so pretty!” Said Latzna excitedly to her father. He smiled and grabbed her hand, “It is indeed, but let's go now before mum gets angry. Shall we?” His daughter looked up to him with her sparkling brown eyes “Yes!” She smiled. She had two bigger brothers, both fighting each other to know which one was stronger, but without hurting themselves. “Quit fooling around and come prepare the table.” Said Latzna's mum. “How was your training today darling? I hope your dad is not overworking you.” The young girl started telling her mom about what she had learned and was all excited about her, just like a twelve-year-old child should be.

Her family was living in a normal house, made out of wood. The living room had a small wooden table with chairs around it, and large windows showing the front yard of the house, which had a small apple tree in the middle of the yard. The living room was painted in a beautiful red color, and a family portrait hanging on the wall. Her mother was staying home, taking care of everything while her husband was gone. He would come back for the weekend and would go on the fields again every Sunday night. Latzna would wait with her bigger brothers in front of the window for him to come back, and when they noticed the black horse of their father, they would run out of the house and greet their father with big grins. They all wanted to listen to stories, and tell what they did in school. Their father would hug them and tell them everything and listen to them and tell them stories of his adventures and heroics deeds. But Latzna started noticing something was weird about him. He began to lose his smile, and one day, one Saturday morning, when the whole family was sitting around the table, he would finally tell them what was bothering him: “I need to tell you something really important” he said to his kids, his wife watching him with tears in the eyes, not knowing how to react. Latzna expected bad news right away. He continued: “ You all know, that I love you. I love all of you. I will always be there in your hearts, you know it. I'm always there, I promise.” He stocked, and Latzna, who was sitting beside him, lifted her hand to let it rest on her father’s arm. He didn't react to his daughter's warmhearted reaction and continued: “I fight in the fields of justice, and you know it is very dangerous. Every day I have to worry about not coming back. Now in the next fight, I might not be coming back... But I promise I will try my best not to fall. I will do everything to see you again, I swear!” He said in a soft voice. But his hands were lying on the table as if he had already given up, and it didn't pass Latzna's eyes. Tears started streaming on her face like an unstoppable river. Her voice was broken, but everyone could hear the desperate “no” she whispered. The whisper became a scream, she grabbed her father’s arm, her head resting on it, and she continued screaming “No! No! NO!” her tears were falling, and her hands were like chains on her father's arms. She didn't want to let him go. It couldn't be, not him, the greatest fighter. No, not him. Her father didn't react to her screams, neither to her tiny arms holding him with the force of a helpless girl losing her father. She noticed, and as she looked up, hoping to see at least one single tear, or sign of love on her father’s face, she had the biggest disappointment of her life. He had absolutely no reaction. She released his arm in a movement of disgust and disappointment, and ran out of the house, into the cold rain. She could feel every single drop falling on her, she fell on her knees and cried her soul out.


            Latzna was resting her head on her knees. She was sitting under the tree near her house, and even there she could hear the desperate fight of her brothers and her father. She slung her arms around her legs, and closed them harder, as if she was protecting herself against the outside. Her tears wouldn't stop falling, and suddenly she got mad at herself, why was she even crying? Why was she showing weakness? She should show him that she doesn't care! She doesn't care! She doesn't care! But she did care... and so her tears fell and fell, and she wasn't able to stop them. It became dark and the fight in the house wasn't ending. The rain continued as if it was crying with Latzna. A long and desperate child's scream turning to an adult scream was howling into the night. When Latzna finally got strength to look up, she could see the shadow of her father preparing his horse for its last fight. She stood up and looked to the shadow with no emotions. He didn't notice her, wasn't even searching for her. He got up on his horse, and was slowly riding away. She looked after the shadow until it disappeared into the darkness like a lost dream. Only after he was long gone, she allowed herself to show her sadness. But this time she was not alone. Her mother came to support her back inside the warm home. Latzna's brothers were both sitting at the table, where before her family was sitting, but now they were only four left. The disappointment was written on their faces. Their disappointment and sadness. As they noticed that their little sister was back inside they both stood up and came to hug her strongly. But at first she didn't accept their love, she didn't want to be touched by anyone, she wanted to be alone. And so she ran into her room, closed the door, and fell on her bed, tired of these feelings overwhelming her. She looked around her room. Her desk was standing there, in the room, shadows falling on it as if they were trying to make it disappear. Her chair, covered in clothes she would put on there, formed a weird dark shape in the shadows. She looked to the right side of her bed, and there, on a little table beside her bed, was a picture of her and her father. A sudden rage overcame her, she stood up, took the portrait and threw it across the room. It crashed against the wall, and the glass shattered on the floor, shimmering in the light of the moon. She turned around in a rage, threw herself on the bed, and slowly fell into a tiring sleep.


            The next morning, when Latzna slowly opened her eyes, she could feel that her pillow was wet. She sat down on her bed, rubbing her eyes. The light was shining in like as if nothing happened. She stood up, and went down to the kitchen, and there was her mother, with swollen eyes, smiling sadly towards Latzna. The first she did was hugging her mother, crying again, asking: “Why?” But her mother couldn't tell her. Instead she hugged her daughter harder. Latzna's sadness would grow so hard that she couldn't smile anymore, her friends where worried, and all she did when someone asked what was up is to put a fake cute smile on, and saying “Nothing, I'm fine, really”, but it was all a lie. One day, she was crying alone in the forest, when a little fox, looking at her curiously approached her slowly, the black fox had a white lightning like pattern on the head, which was crossing his left eye. When he was near her, he pushed her with it's nose, as if he was asking what was wrong. Surprised by the sudden touch, Latzna jumped up and looked at that cute little fox, sitting in front of her, watching her with the head falling to the right side, which made it even cuter. Latzna calmed down, and slowly reached out with her open hand towards the fox. The fox sniffed the hand, and suddenly rested his head on it, showing her that he trusted her. Amazed, Latzna forgot her sadness and smiled: “I will call you Night”. Night looked up to her, sat down on her legs and rolled up, falling asleep on her. Latzna believed it was the happiest moment of her life. She slowly petted the black fox. After a moment she fell asleep herself, and she woke up an hour afterwards. She stayed for a moment like she was, looking up to the sky, her head resting on the tree behind her, and then she looked down. She could still feel the warmth of Night, and he was still there. Night woke up too and looked at her, with a playful look in his eyes. He suddenly stood up and started taunting Latzna. She stood up too, and started playing with Night. She never had so much fun for a long time.

Night would come every day and night to Latzna's house to play and share some moments with her. But one day Night wouldn't come back and Latzna began to have a bad feeling. She was sitting on the edge of her window, looking at the sunset when she noticed something on the ground. She squeezed her eyes to see it better, and she recognized the fragile contours of Night. And first she was happy, and ran downstairs and out of the door to greet her friend, but as she arrived downstairs, she couldn't find Night. She looked around, and then she discovered a place with a small amount of blood on the ground. She ran to it and saw that the blood had left a trace on the ground which would lead to a bunch of straw lying on the ground, which was protected from the rain. On the straw was rolled up a black fox. “Night! Night, what happened?” As Night heard Latzna's voice he looked up and seemed to be happy. He tried to stand up but fell immediately again on the straw. He rolled up again, as if something hurt him. Latzna ran towards him and knelled beside night. “Show me what you got...” Night unrolled himself slowly showing Latzna a deep wound in the chest of Night. Latzna had her eyes wide open and she could almost feel the pain of her friend. “it's alright” She said with a soft voice. “Mom will take care of you.” she slowly picked up Night and walked into the house. When her mom saw her with Night in the arms, she was surprised at first, but she then began to clear the table and make space for the black fox. “I can explain mom...” her mom looked at her daughter and said: “you don't have to be sorry. I saw you playing with him.” While Latzna was watching her mom trying to heal Night, she fell asleep. As she woke up, she found herself in her bed. She looked out her window and saw the stars shimmering in the night sky. She suddenly remembered about what happened three hours ago and rushed downstairs, to see Night looking at her in a funny way. She stopped running, and approached Night slowly. Night stood up and ran to her, jumping into her arms.


            Latzna and Night would spend lots of time playing together, and Night helped Latzna getting passed her sadness, and kept her from falling into depression. But one day, Latzna decided she wanted to become stronger. She wanted to be able to protect her family, she wanted to be able to protect her friends and all the people around her, and she wanted to be independent. She wanted to be able to protect herself too. So she started training daily. One day, while Latzna was working out, a man watched her from far away. He was hidden in the shadows of two houses nearby. He was dressed in black leather and had several knifes on a belt he wore. “Could it be that she is… ?”

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