my side

hi reader!

you are free to judge my story but keep your hands from typing disrespectful words.


no one thought my side was worth something. except for one person. I stopped believing in myself because I thought everything will be easy. i underestimated the obstacle that was in front of me. right now, I don't even know if I would survive this sea that is drowning me. each day and night one question is always inside of my head. "will I survive?"





TODAY IS SEPTEMBER 15 2017. PACIFIC TIME ZONE. 5 MONTHS SINCE I SET OUT FOR AN ADVENTURE. I THOUGHT WHAT I WOULD BE FACING WOULD BE EASY. I CHUCKLED. EASY MY FOOT. HERE’S THE CATCH, IF I DON’T GET OUT NOW, I NEVER WILL. I NEVER CAN. I THOUGHT VOYAGING TO THIS SEA IS EASY LIKE EATING PIZZA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.GEEZ. “what have I gotten myself into?” I chuckled again as I blamed myself. For the past five months I have been on this boat. hoping I would reach land soon. I am all alone in this sea full monsters that I would yet discover. we were a crew. a team. but I failed to protect them. this boat that was once a happy one, became a lost boat. you want to know what caused me to feel depressed? so depressed that I cry myself to sleep every night? okay then. I will try my best to enlighten you.


5 months ago


"mom, let me do this okay? I will be back sooner than you can imagine. I can do this. besides you're always there to cheer me up right? I will call you. okay mom? stop crying" I told my mom as I gave her my one last hug. I took my ticket and put it safely in the back of my phone. if you're confused, shhhh it's my secret hiding place. I took my car keys and placed my things in the trunk. I gave mom one last smile and I drifted away. I came 2 hours before the scheduled time for our trip. my squad and I rented out a boat for a month. we are hoping we'd find an island to spend our vacation. the ocean waves was sounding so soft. I took my wallet out and gazed to the picture that means a lot to me. our family picture. my mom, dad, my brother and his wife, my sister, his husband, and their kids. yes. I am the only single left in the family. lol haha. hey don't blame me. it's just not my time yet. you know destiny. as soon as I put my wallet back into my pocket my friends were honking their car horns at me. I stood up from the sturdy rock that is surrounded by gorgeous shells and cute little crabs. I gave my friends my widest smile and took a bite from the cupcake Donald was holding. we were by the boat when we heard lea shout saying, "HEY GUYS WAIT FOR ME!" then she ran towards me and linked her arm onto mine. hey we're not a gay couple if that's what you're thinking. we are best of friends. " what took you so long?" I asked lea as ww were walking towards the boat we rented.

2 weeks after

" Rachel! a big storm is coming!" said Nathan who came from the roof deck. "WHAT?" we all shouted in horizon.

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