Perfect: A One Direction Fanfiction

A One Direction Fanfiction based on The Bachelor series


2. Niall's P.O.V.

Chapter 2

Niall's P.O.V.


Right after I've unpacked my belongings in one of the upstairs bedrooms of the mansion I decide to tour the mansion by myself until everyone is finished unpacking.

I've been looking forward to these next few weeks ever since I got the letter in the mail telling me that my band mates were qualified to be on the show. I was a bit worried at first though because of the fact that the TV station chose all of us members of One Direction instead of just one or two members. Actually I found it kind of suspicious that they wanted all five of us on the show instead of five different men from different parts of England and Ireland. Eventually though that suspicion turned into excitement because of the fact that I'd be spending the next seven weeks with my four best mates and the most gorgeous woman.

My thoughts are cut short when I hear Zayn call out my name from the second story window of the mansion.

"Niall, wait up for me, mate!" Zayn calls out.

Within seconds he is walking beside me with an excited bounce in his step. I shove my hands into my jeans pockets and walk along the driveway with Zayn. We're silent for a few moments before Zayn breaks the silence.

"Are you excited for the next seven weeks?" he asks me.

I shrug my shoulders and say, "I'm not sure. Ask me again in two or three weeks. I might have an answer for you by then. What about you? Are you excited?"

Zayn gives me a wide smile. "You bet I am. I'm mostly excited for the date I have planned for Esmerelda."

I chuckle and playfully shove Zayn with my shoulder. He laughs and shoves me back.

"You think I really planned a date for Esmerelda?" Zayn scoffs after he sees the look of disgust on my face. "I'll leave that for Mr. Harry Styles to do."

"I thought you were serious, mate!" I exclaim in shock making Zayn laugh.

"Oh, God, no! I'm not the one who plans all the special events. Harry does."

"Are you guys already finished unpacking?" a female voice asks from behind us.

Zayn jumps slightly and we both turn around to see Esmerelda standing a few feet behind us."

"Yes, we are," Zayn replies. "Why do you ask, love?"

"The camera crew won't be here for another hour or two. The director of the show just called me to tell you guys that you can do whatever the five of you want before the show starts airing tomorrow after all the interviews are done tonight," Esmerelda replies. "In the meantime, I'm supposed to get to know you guys. All five of you to be exact."

"Wait...aren't we supposed to get to know each other during the show?" I ask with a small frown.

"Yes, but the director wants us to get to know each other before the actual show starts tomorrow so we already know about the things that need to be known," Esmerelda explains.

I nod my head in understanding then I turn back around to face Zayn.

"Who do you want to get to know first?" Zayn asks.

I roll my eyes. There he goes again with his overly confident self, I think to myself.

Esmerelda takes a second to think before she says, "I'd like to get to know Harry first."

Both me and Zayn look at each other in alarm. This will not turn out well because Harry can be known to win a girl over within a second of his flirtatious remarks.

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