Perfect: A One Direction Fanfiction

A One Direction Fanfiction based on The Bachelor series


1. Harry's P.O.V.

Chapter One

Harry's P.O.V.


When I arrive at the mansion where I'm supposed to meet the bachelorette and my our other band mates I find that the parking lot is completely empty. I check the time on my Apple watch and sure enough I see that I am five minutes early.

Everyone is supposed to arrive at six thirty this morning so we can meet Esmerelda Graham, the bachelorette. As far as I know though the only contestants competing for Esmerelda's hand in marriage are me and my band mates and possibly two or three other guys.

As I get out of my car and shut the door behind me I feel my cell phone vibrate in the back pocket of my jeans. I swipe it from out of my pocket and check the caller I.D. It's Zayn calling me.

"Hello?" I say after putting the phone up to my ear.

"Hey, Harry?" Zayn sounds concerned on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, mate. What's wrong?"

"I can't find the mansion at all. Can you help me? I think I've passed the place maybe fifteen bloody times by now."

"Don't stress, mate. Where are you right now?"

"Um..." Zayn pauses and for a moment I hear the other boys' voices in the car with him. "I'm near some building called the Pizza Tower. It's the only building I see."

"I know where you are. Alright, so do you see the railroad tracks next to the Pizza Tower?"

"Uh...yeah. I see them."

"Go over those railroad tracks then after the second stoplight turn left and you'll see a huge mansion up ahead." I instruct.

"I see it now. Thanks for the help, Harry. We'll meet you in a few seconds."

"No problem, mate."

I hang up my cell phone and put it back inside my jeans pocket. A few seconds later two cars pull up in the driveway of the mansion and park right next to my car. Zayn steps out of his car followed by Louis, Niall, and Liam. The other car is still running but when my mates step out of Zayn's car the engine dies down and the driver's door opens. A young woman with jet black hair steps out of the car.

Beside me, Zayn gawks at the woman with wide eyes. The other guys, including me, do the same thing.

"I hope to God that's the woman we are here for," Zayn whispers loud enough for the woman to hear him.

"Can you be any louder, mate?!" I hiss at Zayn angrily.

The woman notices us for the first time since she got out of her car making Zayn flinch slightly with her penetrating blue-eyed gaze.

Liam steps forward holding out his hand to the woman.

"Hello, love," he says with complete calmness and casualness. "My name is Liam Payne and these four lads are my band mates."

The woman smiles as she takes Liam's hand and shakes it.

"It's very nice to meet all of you," she says. Her voice sounds angelic and sweet. "I'm Esmerelda Graham as you probably guessed with all the gawking and whispering."

Zayn blushes and looks down at the ground embarrassed about his whispered outburst.

"Are we the only ones here so far?" Esmerelda asks the five of us. "The camera crew were supposed to get here before we got here."

"They probably are here and we just don't know it yet," Niall says looking around the parking lot discreetly.

"Yeah. Maybe." Esmerelda agrees looking back at the mansion. "Well, should we go in and start unpacking our belongings? Maybe grab a bite to eat before the camera crew gets here."

"That sounds like a good idea," I say, speaking up for everyone else.

Esmerelda smiles then she grabs her suitcase out of the trunk of her car and starts walking away from us. The rest of us lads stand where we are and watch her in awe.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Louis says nudging me with his elbow. I nearly jump out of my skin when he nudges me. I hadn't realized he was right next to me.

"Beautiful?" Liam scoffs. "No, she's gorgeous."

"Let's not keep the lady waiting," Zayn says impatiently. "We have to find our rooms and unpack our belongings."

"Someone's a bit impatient," Niall chuckles.

Zayn laughs making everyone else laugh then we all grab our suitcases out of his car and follow a few steps behind Esmerelda to the mansion.


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