Perfect: A One Direction Fanfiction

A One Direction Fanfiction based on The Bachelor series


5. Esmerelda's POV

Chapter Five

Esmerelda's P.O.V.

A/N: I see Victoria Justice as Esmerelda Graham. That's who the picture is of. No hate comments please. This is just a depiction of who I see Esmerelda as. :)



I really want Harry to kiss me. I don't have any idea why but all I know is that I just want him to kiss me on the lips so badly.

We're in his red Mustang car driving to the Pizza Tower and we have all of the windows down since it's such a beautiful day out. My hair is in a ponytail but that doesn't stop it from blowing into my face. I sigh and look over at Harry. Harry has one hand on the wheel while his other hand rests in his lap.

"It's such a beautiful day out today," he says when he catches me staring at him.

"It is, isn't it?" I agree with him.

Harry smiles at me and reaches the armrest to grab my hand. I let him lace his fingers through my hand and he brushes his thumb inside the palm of my hand making shivers run down my spine.

"What about the others?" I ask him in a worried tone of voice. "They are also competing for my hand in marriage just like you are."

"We're alone, Esmerelda," Harry replies. "It's not like they are here with us right now. Besides, you feel the same way don't you?"

"Yes, but I don't want anything happening between us before the show even starts. It's like a commitment that we won't be able to keep. And it's only been like...what? Five hours since we first met each other?"

Harry opens his mouth to say something then he closes it again and frowns. He says, "Then what was with the kiss on my cheek before we left and letting me hold your hand earlier?"

I sigh and let go of his hand. If he's going to act dumb like he is acting right now then I don't want to have anything to do with him. I might as well be talking to a wall with how dumb he is acting right now.

"If you're going to act like nothing is happening between us the I really don't want to have anything to do with you," I say voicing my thoughts.

"I'm not the one acting, Esmerelda. I feel the same way you do. Can't we just go out with each other at the same time you are dating my mates? If you choose to be with any of the other lads then we can just break things off and be friends instead." Harry sounds desperate but at the same time I know that he wants to give us a chance at being a couple at he dame time I'm in the show dating his band mates.

I sigh and say, "I don't know, Harry. What if the others find out? It might cause drama and I hate having drama. Especially if it is caused by me."

Harry cuts the engine of the car. I look up at him and realize that we are at the Pizza Tower. I'm about to open the car door but Harry stops me.

"Can't we at least talk about this, Esmerelda?" Harry pleads.

"If you tell your band mates that as long as there is no drama about us being together then we can go out," I say with a heavy sigh. "Deal?"

"Deal!" Harry exclaims, "Thank you, Esmerelda!"

Harry kisses me on the cheek then we go inside the Pizza Tower to have lunch.

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