Perfect: A One Direction Fanfiction

A One Direction Fanfiction based on The Bachelor series


3. Esmerelda's POV

Chapter Three

Esmerelda's P.O.V.


My heart is pounding so hard inside of my chest. These beautiful and handsome young men are so very attractive. I absolutely cannot wait to get to know them and, better yet, spend the next seven weeks with them.

When I was little, maybe eight or nine years old, it was my dream to be on the show The Bachelorette. Now here I am at age twenty-four pursuing my dream and finally meeting five handsome men whose music I've listened to since the age of nineteen.

As I go back into the mansion to find Harry I feel my heart pounding even harder inside my chest. All I want to do right now is go up to one of the boys and bring their lips to mine. I know I have to take everything slow though because if I don't then that ruins the whole purpose of the show.

I find Harry in the kitchen making himself a sandwich and a cup of coffee.

"Are you really eating at this time of day?" I ask him. I try hard not to laugh when he nearly drops his cup of coffee onto the floor and looks up at me with surprise.

"What?" he asks me with a bewildered look on his face. "I'm hungry. I didn't get the chance to eat when I woke up this morning."

"Are you allowed?" I ask him in a stern but teasing tone of voice. Luckily he doesn't seem to take any offense to it.

"There was a note saying to take anything I wanted in here."

"Well, while you are eating your sandwich and drinking your coffee I'm supposed to get to know you and your band mates here. The camera crew and staff won't be here for another two or three hours," I explain to Harry.

"Alright. That's fine with me, love. Would you like a cup of coffee or anything to eat before we start getting to know each other?" he asks me setting his cup of coffee and sandwich down on the counter.

"A cup of coffee please. Thank you, Harry."

He tips his head in acknowledgement to my thanks then he grabs a clean coffee mug out of one of the cupboards and pours me my coffee then he sits down next to me.

"So, what do you want to know about me?" he asks me with a mischievous glint in his green eyes.

"Do you want me to ask you the basic stuff or the hard stuff first?" I ask him resting my chin in the palm of m hand so that I'm looking straight at him.

"Ask me whatever you want, Miss Graham," Harry gives me a seductive smile and runs a hand through his curly brown hair to smooth it down. My heart nearly skips a beat when he does that and it takes all I have in me not to lean closer to him and close the space between us.

"What is your full name?" I ask him dumbly. I already know every one of the boys' full names but if I'm going to be in this show I need to know everything about the men no matter what I already know about them.

Harry doesn't seem to mind. He says, "Harry Edward Styles. What about you? What's your full name?"

"Esmerelda Penelope Graham," I reply.

"That's a very pretty name, Miss Graham," Harry says his voice husky and seductive.

I blush. "Thanks." I say.

"No problem, love."

It takes me a moment to gather the little bit of sanity I have left before I can ask him another question. Harry is patient all the while.

"When is your birthday?" I ask after about a minute of silence.

"February 1, 1994. I just turned twenty three a few days ago. When is your birthday?" Harry says.

"October 24, 1993."

Harry smiles. "It seems, Miss Graham, that you and I aren't too far apart in age."

"You don't have to call me that," I say blushing hotly. "You can just call me Esmerelda."

Harry eats the last bite of his sandwich and drinks the last sip of his coffee. I look down at my own cup of coffee and realize that I haven't taken a sip of it in the last five minutes.

"Your coffee's going cold, Esmerelda," Harry observes. "You might want to drink the rest of it before it isn't drinkable anymore."

"I'm fine. I'm not much of a coffee drinker anyways," I say looking at him apologetically.

"Really? Interesting. You look like a coffee drinker to me." Harry chuckles and gets up out of his chair beside me to put both of our mugs into the sink.

I watch Harry as he cleans up the mess he made except for the leftover coffee in the coffee pot. After he cleans up everything he turns and faces me.

"Would you like to take a walk with me, Esmerelda? I think there might be a walking trail in the woods behind this mansion if my vision from the morning is correct," Harry asks me.

"Id love to take a walk with you, Harry," I reply with a smile.

Harry smiles back at me and takes my hand in his. He helps me out of the chair and laces his fingers through mine. I don't resist when he laces his fingers through mine because I know that it is just a friendly gesture.

"You'd better hope that the others don't see us holding hands," I tease Harry.

"Don't worry, love," Harry replies with a smirk. "I'll make sure they don't see us. Anyways, you were asking questions to get to know more about me."

"That's right, I was. Alright, what else do I want to know about Mr. Harry Styles?"

I think about all the questions I've asked him so far before a question pops into my mind.

"Where in England were you born and where was your childhood residence?" I ask.

"I was born in Evesham, England and m childhood residence was in Holmes Chapel, England," Harry replies. "Where were you born?"

"I was born here in Manhattan, New York."

As we keep walking along the path towards the walking trail I get to know more about Harry and what his hopes for this show are.

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