In This Pocket of the World

Thousands of years after the rise of genetically advanced psychic abilities and the chain monstrous nuclear crisis' commenced in 2022, the world has soothed into small rural communities. Anne, a girl born with these abilities sprouts her way into adulthood all while trying to get a grasp of her past.

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1. October 17th

The crisp cool air caresses her face as she moves through the forest. With every step she takes, the leaves echo throughout the quiet woods. The trees vibrate gold and crimson symbolizing the time of harvest. She has always liked this time, when nature shines its last lights of beauty to the world. Memories of the sweet cinnamon smell of pumpkin pie comes to her nose with other images flashing of playing in the leaves and collecting them with my classmates. Everyone coming together for the big feast because we all knew how scarce food would be in the near future. Oh, how excited she was when she discovered my abilities during this time. Every child grew to develop "the ability" more definitively psychic powers and some developed them to a very great extent. All the other children seemed to have grown into it before her. She was always left out as they all played and did tricks on each other. It also made her nervous. There is no person in her community without the "ability" and has worried she would never have it. On a chilled night, Anne woke up to rumbling finding her belongings in her room strewn around everywhere, flying rapidly. Her parents rushed to her room and stood in shock before throwing themselves, embracing me tight, and crying tears of relief and joy.

As she stills to take a deep breath, the sweet smell of pine tree sap float towards her.

She knows she's close.

Suddenly, heavy and hastened crunches of leaves screech across the terrain and scare the last of the birds residing in the trees. Anne hadn't known she was holding my breath until she let out a soft sigh from realization.

Icy blue peered into my warm brown with urgency and worry as he tries to catch his breath. His skin, forever pale, glows in the sunlight as he comes closer. He contrasts intensely with this autumn day making all the crimson shades surrounding him appear to have a deeper, stronger flare.

And he still remains beautiful.

My heart rate quickens with his every step and she tries her best to mask her anxiousness.

I keep questioning this uneasiness when we are intended partners for this task but nothing reasonable comes to mind. Kit's abilities are fiercely powerful allowing him to stay at the top of their class with ease. All of the base abilities such as manipulating the elements and mentally lifting objects, Kit could do with far above average intensity. He could induce and egg to hatch simply because he ordered it to do so with the chick inside healthy and intact. Many powerful residents, including the deputy wish to mentor him. For as long as she could remember since she developed her abilities, she was always assigned to partner with Kit. Of course she would grow fond of him over their twelve years together. They've known each other, yet she still feels incredibly exposed when he is near.

"You left without me," he initiates.

"I just wanted to get a head start and some fresh air," she quickly responds.

"You forgot to bring the jars," he points out before kneeling to open a sack he was carrying.

Anne takes the glass casing he hands to her, trying not to react to the tingle when their fingers touch.

"I feel your unease, it's your dreams again," he informs her softly.

The longer a time someone spends with another, the more their emotional and psychic bond festers. Anne despises Kit being able to read her and hates him more for not pressing more about her troubles, because it makes her feel even more of a fondness towards him. It also makes her feel weaker because whenever Anne seeks to know Kit's emotions and thoughts, it is always filled with calmness and peace. This may be why she gravitates to him, he helps block out the noises. But she does not want to give in.

Her dreams are filled with a girl having long hair the color of roses and autumn leaves. The texture is like feathers as she happily braids the strands. Anne follows the girl everywhere helping her collect pine cones and jumping in their grand leaf piles. Sometimes Kit is with them, joining them in their fun. Deep delighted emotions flow through her whenever she is with this girl. She has never felt happier until all the bright amazing reds grow dark. The girl's hair becomes blood and pours maddeningly as everything around her burst into flames. Anne would have this dream transformed into a nightmare every night the moment she and the girl would reach the limits of the woodland.

"POSITIVELY DO NOT ENTER", the sign dictates in both her dream and in reality.

A good sleep has been difficult for her to achieve for many months because of the nightmares. She wishes, needs to reach the limits of the woodlands to find something, anything that will help her rest well. However, all the times Anne has been, she finds nothing and fails to think of anything else that could help her.

Anne slowly lifts her head to look at Kit directly. All the trembling and tension come back to her body. With the addition to her confusing dreams, her evermore confusing relationship with Kit makes nothing better.

She deflects his previous statement, "We should start collecting sap. The sun is beginning to set."

Anne opens the jar, closes her eyes and lets out a calm sigh, attempting to receive herself of tension before allowing her mind to take control. The tree in front of her slowly bends and opens its pores. With great ease she guides the sap to the container.

Kit follows her lead, standing in front of trees and taking the sap. With little time all of the hard are filled. With this being their last year in the academy, everyone in their class has been assigned with various tasks around the town rather than staying in classrooms. Usually they are assigned groups or partners but now they are able to choose one person to work with. It is not a very good kept secret that this is created to know whom likes whom. Anne had not even intended to be with Kit for her last year, she desired to be free of him yet she could not say no to his request. It is as if his eyes can stare into her soul and make her do thinks she would not think of otherwise. Anne knew within the depths of her feelings, she would be enraged and hurt if Kit asked someone else to be with him, especially when many of her classmates wish to do so.

She forcibly rips herself away from these thoughts.

As she screws on the last top, Anne can not help but turn her head to the limits of the forest. Maybe this time she will find something.

"There is nothing out there unless you're afraid that a cannima will come and kill you," he tries to joke.

Anne says nothing and continues to look on with hesitance.

Kit calmly sets down his jars and slowly pulls her into a hug. Anne feeling a rush of warmth and safety from her thoughts, immediately yet reluctantly reacts with burying herself into him.

He gently presses his forehead against hers, stroking her cheek with tenderness. Anne is still, wanting the contact but her desires are battling with her need to push away and look for answers. It inevitably ends with her desires winning as Kit moves his thumb to run across her brown lips. He slowly leans into her almost connecting his lips to hers. Anne, losing all of her thoughts moves with him, attempting to close the gap.

"Well look at the two lovebirds!"

Anne quickly pushes away from Kit to which he gives a look of irritation.

Joshua is coming towards him in a fit of mischief and laughter while Mary eyes him with annoyance.

"What he meant was that we were helping the farmers with the harvest and wanted to know if you wanted the extra food. We have gathered more than enough for our task and we have a few small pumpkins left over."

Anne gives her friend a smile.

"I'm sure my mother would love some."

Anne has known Mary since they were younger but had only began spending time with her from almost three years ago. Anne would have asked Mary to be her partner instead of Kit had it not been for Joshua. Anne could not see why Mary would agree to partner with him out of everyone. He is the trickster of the class, always procrastinating from his work and prancing everyone. This time especially is when he plays his greatest games. Anne remembers when they were younger, he would scare her class, dressing up as a cannima and terrorizing everyone. Not too long ago during the harvest festival, he would cause pumpkins to explode. Anne was unfortunately a victim. Perhaps Mary agreed to spend time with him because she needed a good laugh.

The sky is dimming as the crickets commence their nightly tune. The sun's light that had cascaded Kit's face earlier is now only a glimpse on the horizon.

There is a soft crackling in the distance then a muzzled echoing melody.

Joshua darts his head to the sky and hisses. "Why must they keep on blasting those horns?"

The alarm indicates that it is time for them to return to their homes before they get punished by the Night Watch, a group following the council who makes sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be. It is for everyone's own safety of course.

Anne takes Mary and Joshua's leftovers while Kit takes the jars, levitating what he is unable to hold. He looks upon Anne with his concerned eyes which she tries her best to ignore by turning her attention to Mary.

"You didn't have to give the food to me,"

"Of course I should," she looks to Anne with seriousness. "Food is becoming more scarce and I know how much your family needs it."

Not being able to argue, Anne could only nod. Her family are farmers and with crops not growing as usual along with cooling temperatures, they are not sure what the future will hold. She gives one look back towards the direction of the sign from her dreams before they all leave the forest.

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