Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


9. Chapter 9

Why do they want me back? All they've gave me is pain. Why can't they understand?! I guess I have to go to school now. I pick out my clothes.

I start packing my things for school and walk out the door. I finally arrive and everyone is staring at me with lustful eyes. I sigh and shake my head. School is gonna suck. I go to the office to get my schedule. ( when I was in elementary I have periods like middle school and high school ). I walk up to the secretary and ask for my schedule. ( I'm changing her name to Moio Avi Ace Aka My-oh=Moio Ah-vee=Avi Ay-s =Ace ). "Full Name" the secretary says. " Moio Avi Ace" I say. The secretary gives me my schedule and I have Music Aka Singing. Why Kai!! I suck at singing. Ugh I still hate him. I walk to Music and walk in. I see I'm the first their so I walk behind stage and I go into a soundproof room. I start singing. I finish my songs and walkout and the boys come in. I sit in the way back in the shadows/dark. The teacher starts talking and I hear gun shots. Really... They had to come when I was in class. " I'll be back!!" I said. ( btw I'm revealing the hidden thing where I would say hidden or secret there ). I walked out of the class and pulled my two Katanas out of my black boot heels.

I ran towards the sound and saw some boys.fighting. I put my katanas back in my boots. (one in each boot ). I walked up to them and started separating them but accidentally throwing them into the lockers, making a dent. Oops! I walk back to class and sit down back in my seat. Everyone was staring at me like I killed someone. " What?" I said. They looked away scared even the teacher. They didn't see a thing... Why are they acting like this? Maybe cameras!


Sorry for the cliffhanger on the hidden thing and the hidden thing is that she has Wings!!!

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