Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


8. Chapter 8

After I swam I went home and changed.

I asked Kai,JK I hate him!! I walked out the door and started to walk to the store. 10 Hours Later

I got all my supplies and and when I was walking home a saw a motorcycle shop. I walked in and everyone stared at me. I walked to the counter and asked for the fastest one. He laughed and grabbed a toy. I scoffed and slapped the toy and it broke and they were shocked. " When I say something I MEAN it!!". He nodded and took me out to the back and showed me a MTT Y2K.

" I'll buy it!"I said. "it's 175,000"he said. I handed him a duffel bag of fake money and jumped on the bike and drove off. Everyone stared at me like I was crazy or I was awesome. A 10 year old on a motorcycle was definitely something you'd see everyday! I drove past the team 10 house and drove home. When I was driving home 3 black vans were following me. (Not the shoes the cars ). I know those cars could only go 100 and my bike can go 227 so I decided to go 101. They were a foot away. They slowed down and I went 125 and then they popped my tires and I crashed but I healed myself and the bike's tires and continued riding. I drove home as fast as I could. I shrunk my motorcycle and put it in my bag and walked inside. When I went inside I saw 1D, 5sos, and Team 10 fighting the pastas and destroying stuff. " STOOOOOOOP!!!!" I said. Everyone froze and looked at me. I was fuming. My flame tattoos turned red and orange. My ( lol not telling you yet ) turned into flames and my eyes turned red and I screamed sonic flames. Everyone passed out. I regrew my motorcycle and sped off full speed.

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