Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


7. Chapter 7

I woke up in the Slender dungeon with chains on my hands and I think "what the heck" . Then I remember what happened and looked at the flames tattooed on my arms and legs. I turned around to go out the door but heard different chains moving.

Kai's POV ( didn't expect that did you and another cliffhanger! )

I'm worried about my sister. I wonder what's going on. I don't think she is the same any more. Dad warned us about what happened to her. We have to lock her away forever until they go away and she's normal. I'll miss her.

Meadow's POV

I turned around and saw that I had.... ( gun shot goes off ) Jesus!!!! I broke out of the chains and kicked the door. I ran outside to see cops. I became really angry and my flames ( the ones on her skin ) turned yellow and red. "RAAAAHHHHHHH" I screamed and all the cops flew back dead. I walked back to house and shoulder shoved past Kai. "Thanks for saving me from the dungeon" I said hatefully and venom on each word to Kai. I wanted to swim so my ( hidden hehe ) disappeared.

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