Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


4. Chapter 4

It was the Team 10 van. I backflipped and slashed their tires making them flip. All I saw on their faces was horror. I smirked and went back to the CP Mansion. When I got their I saw Slender strangling Kai. “ Slender put him down.” I said to him. He let him down and Kai was coughing. I hugged and looked in his eyes. He smiled but his eyes said he hated me. My heart turned more dark. “ Kai....” I said to him with sorrow. He frowned but his eyes showed happiness. “ Why do you hate me? “ I said to him. Everyone turned to us. “ Why would I hate you? “ Kai said to me. “ Don’t lie to me! “ I said to him. “ I can see it in your eyes! “ I said almost yelling. “ I-I-I...” Kai said. Now I can see regret but victory in his eyes. “ Exactly. “ I said as I turned for my room to soon pack. He was shocked now. Well everyone was. I went in my room and decided to sleep.

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