Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


39. Chapter 36

* Moio's POV *

I wake with a strong grip around me. I start freaking out for a second or two and then I remember me sleeping with Jax.

I reach to my cat and she appears. ( in her head like Werewolves have wolfs while in human form ). I ask her a few things and then she agrees. I let her take partial control. He thinks I'm only a wolf and a crow. Ha, suckers.!She starts making the purring sound.

He wakes up and he still thinks I'm asleep. I can sense him mind-linking my other mates. They step into the room and she stops purring. Jax is bickering to them how I was purring. I move my head and it turns dead silent.

One kisses my cheek and a slight purr slips out. I can sense shock but them still adoring me. Another lays next to me and I cuddle up to him. I think it's Ash because he is the warmest. He puts a blanket over us so it is even warmer.

My cat complains that she won’t be able to withhold her purrs for much longer. I plead her to try to fight harder but she lets go and I start purring like crazy. I glare at her through my mind.

I can sense shock then jealousy then cockiness mixed with jealousy. I know my other mates are jealous so I snuggle deeper into him. I could hear a tiny faint growl that lasted for about a second.

I can feel myself getting picked up then a breeze and someone yelling ’hey!’. I feel my self lowered carefully on a bed, arms wrap around me, and blankets over me. I think I was taken by Kace because of the scent. My other mates rush in and growl because my scent is covered with Kace’s.

Cole takes me from Kace's grasp. He takes me into his room. Now my scent is mixed in with his and Kace's but now more of Cole.

I yawn and finally try to open my eyes. I get up and walk into the room they have made for me and fall back asleep. I become slightly awake and they are fighting over who is going to lay next to me. I now fully wake up and sit up. They look at me with sorry looking eyes.

Sky walks ups to me and apologizes for them waking me. I think I fell asleep because I awake by Sky tucking me in and kissing my forehead. I open my eyes and yawn. He turns off my light and climbs in with me. He wraps his arms around me and kisses my cheek.

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