Kidnapped by Team 10

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38. Chapter 35

*Moio's POV*

We arrived at their pack house after a while of us messing around in the forest. Jax, Kace, Cole, Skylar, and Ash have decided a schedule for who I am to sleep with for the night. Apparently, it's Jax, then Kace, then Ash, then Sky, and then finally Cole. Jax shows me to his room. My clothes shift into sleepwear. Jax also changes but not in front of me gladly. ( trying to keep it PG) I jump and snuggle into his bed. He gets in and I fall asleep.

* Peter’s POV *

I now understand why her other Ex-Mates wanted her again. I followed her and her mates to their pack. I’m now watching her through the window. She’s beautiful when asleep. I believe her mate that she is laying with is awake. I think he senses me. I’m hiding on their balcony. I stand up open their balcony door and walk in.

*Jax’s POV*

Moio cuddles up to me in her sleep. I watch her for a minute before I sense someone here. I alert everyone else through mind-link. Moio opens her eyes, clings to me, and stares at the balcony door as the door bursts open with her Ex Peter standing there. He laughs evilly as he stares as Moio. My brothers burst in and Moio glares at Peter.

” Just give me back Moio and nobody will get hurt, ” says Peter.

Moio shakes her head no.

” I will not go anywhere with you Peter. I’m staying here with my real mates.” says Moio.

Peter glares at her which causes us to growl at him. Moio yawns and everyone’s face softens and looks at her. She glares at us all. Peter takes this moment and charges at her. Before he reaches her, I grab her and yank her out of the way. She gave out a surprised yelp.

She yawns again and she looks as if she can barely keep her eyes open.She is fighting the sleep but once it hits her, she cuddles close to me. I pick her up and signal for them to attack Peter.

I put her hood on her as we descend down the stairs with pack members watching. I nod my head to the beta to help out my brothers.

I walk outside and place her in the backseat. I wrap her in her blankets. I drive to the only place I think we’ll be safe which is my uncle’s kingdom. He has requested help anyways. The bad thing is, is that he is a vampire. I drive my car through the forest and we finally get there. I get out and my uncle appears at the gate.

” Vho do you have vith you?” he asks.

” My mate... ” I reply back suspiciously.

I walk over to her side and take her out. Her hood is still on.

” Is he only VereVolf? ” He asks.

” I don’t know and my mate is a she. ” I reply back as everyone gasps.

Moio moves so I look down towards her. She opens her eyes and I set her down. She looks around and then she finally reaches my uncle. She growls at him. ” Calm down puppy! ” my uncle shouts at her. She tackles him and then shoves him on the gate. She snarls as she looks behind him. She turns his back to her and holds a knife to his throat.

” Leave me alone! ” she yells into the crowd behind the gate.

4 guys come to the surface and smirk at her with their fangs showing.

” Come on. Show your true powers or self. ” one says.

Things start getting thrown at her. She lets my uncle go as she starts dodging and catching things. Next round, things on fire and frozen things. She dodges those but now things get thrown at me. She tries to hit a flaming ball but fails and I catch on fire. She flips off the guys and starts blowing a cold wind like a dragon would. I’m shocked and I think she takes it the wrong way. She turns around at full speed and charges at them. She goes right through the gate and yet again I’m shocked. A hit of realization reaches their faces as they start running. She shifts into a gigantic wolf that changes fur color between black and white from different angles. She reaches one and dismembers it. She does the same to the others.

After her rampage, everyone is speechless and shocked. She shifts into a cr- wait! What?! A crow?! She dives into my pockets and snuggles deep.

” Uhhh... O-Okay. Um... I’ll um go uhhh now.” I say as I get into my car. I drive off and ask the guys if Peter is contained and its safe for us to come back. Ash and Kace reply yes first since their my triplets. We drive for a while and shortly after we arrive. I walk in and they ask where Moio is and I take her out of my pockets. I set her down and she shifts human. She is sitting on the ground and yawns. She gets up goes to one of our rooms. We all go to our room and she is laying in mine. I mind-link the guys that she is with me and we fall asleep.


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