Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


36. Chapter 33

* A Few Hours Later *

We were playing a game of hide and seek. Me, Jax, and Kace were Hiders and Cole, Skylar, and Ash were Seekers. We were hiding in a hollow tree.

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I can sense they are coming in our direction. I lip sync it to Jax and Kace. They seemed to understand what I was saying. We decided to climb more up into the tree. They soon are under us and luckily we are camouflaged by the leaves.

Sadly, Kace slips and falls off his branch. Lucky for us, we were playing tag hide and seek. Me and Jax took off after they tagged Kace. We reach to the cars and we hop inside. We stick our tongues out at them and make weird faces.

I mind-link them, ” Hey! No Puppy Guarding! ”.

They back off and I jump through the roof and jump on my motorcycle. I sped off. They instantly react, jump in their cars, and race off towards me. I pull over and camouflage myself in the shrubbery and forests.

They ride past and after a few minutes, I finally follow them. I get close to them and they finally notice me so they pull over. I pull over as well and take off my helmet.

” I win! ” I yell victoriously.

They sigh defeatedly. I go over to Jax and poke him repeatedly. He looks at me and throws me over his shoulder. I smirk and flip off his shoulder. I land steadily. I soon get a unsafe feeling as if someone is watching me.

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