Kidnapped by Team 10

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35. Chapter 32

I smirk and run down the stairs. I run and get on my bike. I ride off and they chase after me in their fancy cars. One gets close and I speeded up. Another pulls next to me. I smirk and he saw which made him angry. I sped off. I jump off and run through the forest. I climb a tree and hide my scent. I turn invisible and teleport to the Pasta house. I walk through the house. They are doing their usual. I go to the living room and turn visible. " Miss Me? " I say making them jump. I smirk and everyone tries to hug me. I duck and dodge everyone. I notice someone is missing. I look around. " Why is Toby missing? " I ask. I raise my eyebrow. They all look at each other. "He just went out to look for Kai...." EJ whispered when he said, Kai. I laughed hysterically. I then went stone-faced. " Really? " I say angrily. " Btw he is an Avenger now!" I say and walk out. I run to my mates and jump on one's car. They aren't there so I just wait sitting on the roof of one of their cars. I wait and sit on the car's roof for them to come back. They come back 2 hours later. They are shocked to see me itting there. " You guys took forever! " I say. " I'll tell you my name if you tell ne yours. " I say. They introduce themselves. Kace, Jax, Cole, Skylar, and Ash. Kace had brown hair with brown, almost black eyes. Jax had dyed his hair like a flame and had fiery red eyes. Cole had black hair with bright blue eyes. Skylar had dyed blue hair with ivy green eyes. Ash had jet black hair with brown, almost black eyes, just like Kace. Kace, Ash, and Jax were triplets and Skyler and Cole were twins and brothers of the triplets. I told them I was a twin but I don't consider him as a sibling since he was a Avenger. Skylar and Jax were the werewolves. Kace and Ash were the dragons. Dragons are humans that have wings and have super strength. Cole was the only one that could control nature like me but they only know I'm a werewolf. " Who am I riding with? " I ask. They look at each and start arguing about it. Jax is the only one not fighting. I walk up to him and he smirks. " I'll ride with you, Jax. " I say. We get into the car and wait for the guys to stop arguing. We honk and they look at us. They glare at Jax as he smirks and they get in there cars. We drive off. " You never told us your name. " He says. " My name is Moio Avi Ace. " I reply. He smirks and says " Nice name. What does it mean? " He asks. " The name Moio has no meaning. The name Avi has different meanings but one is bird. The name Ace means noble or unity. " I reply. We arrive at a house. My clothes turn into a black tank top with black leggings with black knee high boots. I put on a mask that covers my face whole face but my now black eyes. Weapons appear in various places. I put on a black leather jacket. Jax is shocked when he sees this happening. I signal the shush sign as I step out of the car. Kace, Cole, Ash, and Sky are shocked at my change of clothes. Their dad aka the alpha walks out with guards. The father walks up to me and says for me to change into my wolf. " I don't take orders. " I say. He burrows his eyebrows. He uses his alpha voice. I see my mates cringe. I laugh at their dad. He gets more furious. " How about you change into your wolf?" I say. He tranforms and everyone is shocked. I laugh. " You aren't the only powerful one. " I whisper is his ear. A guard hands him clothes and I turn around as my mates step in front of me. Their dad transforms back and gets clothed. " You done yet? You take longer than a human girl and thats a long time. " I say to piss him off further. He let out a short but quiet growl. I turn around ad my mates step aside. I smirk and you can tell behind the mask. He smirks finally thinking of something. " Take your mask off! " He says as he smirks to himself. I take off my mask. " Miss Me? " I say as I smirk to myself. I was their enemy's rival which was their neighboring pack's mate and I remember I set off everyone of the traps set around this pack's territory. " Your the one that set off all our traps!" He says as he figured out who I was and my mates are taken aback by laughing and saying they had the best mate.

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