Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


34. Chapter 31

I wake up and so does Webs. " We have to go to school but I'm going to my orginal school. " I tell Webs. " No! " He yells. "Yes and calm down. " I tell him. He walks over and shoves me into a wall making a dent. " YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL WITH ME! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! " He yells angrily. I push him off and slap him which sends him to the ground making cracks in the floor. " I AM DONE! " I say as I magically take off the markings on our necks. " I, MOIO AVI ACE REJECT PETER PARKER AS MY MATE! " I yell and he sadly accepts. I rush out of the house fuming. I go into a hidden alley and turn invisable. I use my vision to spy on the pastas. They all seem depressed and keep looking at a picture on the wall which I look closer to and of course its Kai. I think in my mind *screw them!*. Where can I go then? I can't go to Peter's, or my ex mates, or the pastas. I guess I have to go to Kai. You know what! No! I'm not going there! I'm going golfing! I super speed to Top Golf and walk up the stair but accidentally bumping into a guy which sends mate tingles down my shoulder. We are both taken a back. We turn to face each other and so do the other 4 guys with him. They all looked at me and whispered " Mate!".

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