Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


32. Chapter 30

Back to reality. I woke up and saw Webs sleeping. I cuddled up to him and fell back asleep. I woke up and looked at the time. 7:38am. He woke up at the same time as me. He streched careful not to wake me. He pulled me up to him higher so my head was on his shoulder. I watched me for awhile. It was now 8:12. He was watching me for 24 minutes. I woke up and smiled at him. He smiled at me. I tried to get up but he held on to me. I kept trying but finally gave up and looked at him. He had a amused face on. I yawned and he smiled. " Can we go to the library? " I asked. " What do we have to do there? " he said with a hint of anger. "I just want to see if they have any books I'm interested in. " I said back tiredly. I yawned and suddenly I felt tired. I layed my head back on his shoulder and fell back asleep with him looking at me lovingly. I then woke up to Webs watching a movie. I tried to turn to watch the movie but Webs held me back. I looked at him questioningly. He kissed my forehead and I smiled not caring about anything anymore. I cuddled up to him and closed my eyes thinking, what am I turning into?! I never act like this! I woke up to Webs moving me to the couch. I yawned as he set me on the couch. He smiled as I sat up. I stood up and walked back in our room and got dressed in the same thing but different colors. I walked over to the kitchen and Webs wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled and leant my head against his chest. " Can we go to the library? " I ask again. " Sure " He says. "Yay!" I yell. I pack my stuff and we head out. I'm receiving looks as usual and Webs giving out glares. We arrive to the library. I run over to the greek books also known as books about werewolves, vampires, ect. I find a book about mates and behavior problems. I look up what Peter has been acting like and its called marking withdraw. I'm reading that since he hasn't marked me, he is overprotective. I smile in success. I turn around and look for Webs. My old mates were here and Webs was glaring. I walked over and hugged Webs. That made them growl. I told them in werewolf language that I rejected them because of the cheater and we can no longer be together and that I love Webs. Their eyes filled with anger as they walked out. Webs looked at me amused. " Wanna go home? " I ask him. " Sure " He says. " I have something to ask you to do at home. " I tell him. He looks confused yet excited. We finally reach home and I walk into the bedroom. He followed me. I hugged him and him pulled me on him. I turned towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He looked at me amused. " You can mark me. " I say and he looks excited. " Not mate me though! " I warn him. He settles down a little bit but he is still excited. I bend my neck a little bit and he lunges at me. His name appears on my neck. I smile and all my energy is gone. I fall asleep on his shoulder.


Sorry for the short chapter.

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