Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


31. Chapter 29

I woke up by Webs kissing my cheek, getting in bed, pulling me on his chest, and pulling the covers on us. I smiled and snuggled closer. I yawned and he aweeeed. " Wanna watch a movie?! " he said super hyperly. " Sure.. " I said tiredly. He sat up, turned me on my back so my back was facing him and pulled me on his lap. I was to tired to argue. He turned on a horror film. I love this movie. I fell asleep on his shoulder with him staring at me like I was something he owned which freaked me out. I woke up again to Webs switching to another film. He looked at me and kissed my cheek. He yet again had that creppy look on his face. " Go Back to sleep...... Babe " He said. I shut my eyes and wondered what he meant. I woke up to Web again turning me around so my head is on his shoulder, my knees are on his chest, and my arms are wrapped around his neck. He smiled at me and I yawned and he awed and smiled wider. He kissed my cheek and wrapped his arms around me. I fell asleep again with him giving me that creepy look. I woke up again with him laying flat and me on him with my arms around his neck. " Why do you give me that creepy look? " I asked him. " Because you're mine and only mine! You got it?! " He said with rage. I was shocked.

" W-Why did you yell? " I said with a sad face. He realized my fear and hugged me. " I'm Sorry Babe... I just don't wanna lose you. " He said with truth and apology. " I forgive you! You won't lose me unless I lose you. " I said as I smiles and snuggled closed to him and the covers. I fell asleep for the last time that night. Ever since that talk, he has been more overprotective. He would get mad at everyone. I just hug him and say i'll never leave him and I'm his. I smiles and that calms him down. Back to reality.


Sorry for short chapter!

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