Kidnapped by Team 10

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30. Chapter 28

I woke up before him and I turn into a puppy husky. I sit on his chest wagging my tail. I jump and that gets him awake. " Woah " he says tiredly. I did a puppy yawn and he awed and smiled. I turn back human and somehow end up on the ground. " What Happened?! Did you push me off? " I say. He smirks evily. " So you did! " I say and I raise up so he can only see my eyes and I give him a glare. I laugh evilly and attack him then push him off the bed. I look at the time and remembered we had school. " WE HAVE SCHOOL!!! " I yell. I ran to the door but it was closed so I ran into it. He pokes his head out right as I fall backwards. He raves towards me and catches me. " Owww.... " I say rubbing my nose. I can tell it's healing. I go in our closet and I get dressed in a black sports bra and black leggings. I finally find my sleeveless black cloak. I hand Webs my bird stuff and put it on his shoulder. I turn into a fully black falcon. I fly to his shoulder and see he is already dresses. " Ready? " I say as I peck him to let us know I'm ready. We head out and finally arive at the school. Everyone is staring at us wierdly. His friends walk up. " Who dis? " One of them ask. "You'll see." He says as he sets me down. I turn human and don't worry, I have clothes on. I brush off as everyone stares in shock. I wave to Webs. " Lets get going. " I say to him as he walks behind me. I open the door and walk in to people staring at me in shock. I keep my hood low, its covering most of my face. I turn around see as Webs in glaring at all of them. Someone shoves me out of the way and that pissed me off. " Excuse Me?! You can just go around shoving people! " I yell at him. He turns around and says " I will do what I want! ". I can smell he is an Alpha Werewolf. I smirk. " You think your so tough! Let me prove you wrong. Sit. " I say and he is close to sitting. " Sit " I say and he finally sits. " Stay and I bet your friends or familly taught you to be nice to a woman. Oh wait! You have none cause you probably hurt them in a way that they hate you or they're scared of you. Now I just proved to you that you're not tough and most definitely doesn't deserve to be an alpha. " I say and I pull him up by the shirt and shove him into a locker . " Now how does it feel?" I say to him and I walk away as his pack is staring angrily as everyone else was staring in shock. I turn back to my black falcon and screech. I fly back on Webs sholder. Webs mind-linked me. " And you already destroyed my reputation " he said through mind-link. I laughed but it came out as bird chirps. Me and Webs had the same schedule. I flew in the dark corner and sat on the seat. Webs took the seat next to me. The teacher looked at Webs confused. "Switching Seats? Are we now? " the teacher says. " Only because of my girlfriend. " Webs replied back and I sat on his desk. He pets my head and I fly up to the rafters. Someone sits in my seat while Webs tries to get him off. I fly down and attack the dude in my seat. He runs away. I sit in my seat and turn human looking at my nails like nothing happened. I smell many different people in here. After a lot of classes, lunch finally comes. I get in line and someone cuts my in line. It was the guy who shoved me earlier's bestfriend. " Excuse Me?! You can't cut!" I told him. " I'll do what I want! " He said. I raised my hand and slapped him, sending him across the room. I walked foward and continued with my day like nothing happened. I got my lunch and sat down. I ate and went back to class. I sat in the back and Webs followed me. The day ended and we went to the park after. Webs picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. " Hey! " I yelled at him. I slammed my fist on his back. He dropped me and fell to the ground. I sat on him. Secretly I was healing him. I helped him up and I was exhausted after healing him. He noticed. We went to the house and as soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep.

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