Kidnapped by Team 10

IM BACK! My reads are back as well!!


29. Chapter 27

I woke up by Webs kissing my cheek and suiting up. " Hey I wanna go! " I said tiredly. He was startled. " That was quite a show this morning. " He said proudly. I yawned and he smiled. " I have one question. How are you gonna fight if you don't have a suit? " He asked. " Let me see yo-( yawns mid sentence )-ur suit." He stretches his arm out to me. I touch and a suit forms on me. But instead of red its Black and instead of blue its grey and the spider is white. " Like it? " I say. I can tell he is smilingz. ( i put the z cuz im koolz ). " Where is the danger? I can teleport us. " I inform and ask him. He shows me on the monitor on his suit. I search it in my mind and grab and teleport us in a tree. " Wo-! " He asys while I slap my hand over his mouth. " Shut your word maker! " I whisper to him. " They're in an alley way! " he whispers to me. " Be quiet! " I whispered to him. " You go first then I'll go second. " I whisper to him. He drops down and starts talking. They start fighting and Webs get thrown into a wall. I get pissed and run up to him and web him to the wall and start punching the crap outa him. I tie him up for the police and call the police to come get him. I rush to Webs.

" Babe! You ok?! " I say while checking his wounds. " Yeah, I'm fine. I'm used to it. " he says while taking off his suit. ( don't worry! He has clothes on underneath! ). I start healing his wounds. Once their healed I take off my suit. Im wearing a black sports bra and black leggings. I put on a shirt and sit next to Webs hugging him. " Ready for school tomorrow? " He tells me. "What?" I say while raising my eyebrow at him.

" Just to warn you. The last time I went to school I was feared and was called a bad-ass. What school are we going to? " I say. " You're going to literally destroy my reputation and -insert random school here-. " Yes! New School! " I smirk. " Lets go to sleep. " He tells me. I wrap my arms around his neck and wrap my legs around him and he holds me. I whisper in his ear and kiss his cheek. I jump off and jump on the bed. "Awwe Your such a tease! " He says sadly. I yawn and he smiles. I sneeze and fall off the bed. He laughs and throws me on the bed. I laugh and snuggle under the covers. He gets in bed and steals my covers. I pull them back. He pulls them back. " Mine! " I say evily and pull them all the way off him and roll in a ball to wrap around me. I start wiggling around cause I realize I'm stuck. He gets out of bed and get another blanket. When he looks at me and stares at me as I fall off the bed. I make this wierd dying duck noise as I fall. " Help! I needz helpz!! " I call out to him. ( Damn Pandy, back at it again with the letter z! XD ). He picks me up gets in bed laying the blanket on us and wrapping his arms around me. " Get me out of this thing! " I say while trying to get out of the tangle of blankets I'm wrapped in. He chuckled and says " Nope! ". " You better watch out at school tomorrow Webs! ". He chuckled and says to fall asleep. I yawn and he laughs. " Why you always laugh at my yawnz? " I say curiously. " I laugh or smile because they're cute and I love em! " He tells me. " Creep " I whisper. " Hey! " He replies. " You didn't hear that! You didn't hear anything! ". I say mischievously and smirking. " Go to sleep! " He says. I roll on his chest and I wait till he falls asleep. He continues staring at me. I pretend to snore. He smiles kisses my head and falls asleep. I fall asleep as well.

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